Reoccurring Dreams and Deja Vu

This is the 3rd installment of the Serenity section, Reoccurring dreams. These are the most fun types of dreams and can be rather interesting.  As covered in the V.M.S. post reoccurring dreams usually send an important message to the dreamer.  It is in this situation once we are honed into our abilities, we can then better understand what messages are being presented to us. Was that dream of that car significant in any way? Or I had a dream of a particular person do I have feelings for this person or is this person a representation of something?  This is where part 2, L.O.V.E., comes into play.  There is a 3rd option to the L.O.V.E. bodily functions didn’t fit within the scenario though it does fit within this section…and that is an archetype symbol.  In regards to the second type of dream questions that can be asked are: “What does this person represent to me,” “How does society or people view this person” or “Is this person vital to understanding the aspects of how I approach life.”  Though there can be many more examples regarding these circumstances.

The 1st and 3rd points can possess similar character traits though they are slightly different.

In the 1st, this goes past, “I hate this guy because he’s a total jerk” or “He’s annoying.”  this is more along the line of this would be how I approach various circumstances.  The 3rd is more along the line of matters of importance.  Is this characteristic important in how I implement this attribute within my life?

Reoccurring dreams I’ve had was in my early teens, where a situation presented itself as a relationship.  This was most of the teen years.   This could mean that I should be wary of relationships or if I am in a relationship to follow my heart.  Regardless of the situations or how many times a heart can be broken,  like your sleep rhythms, your heart and everything has one too.  On a non-dream related term, there is a book regarding decoding of the heart and it is called “The Heart’s Code” by Paul Pearsall.  This book is research done on something called “cellular memory.”  In this book it explains the situation of a transplant patent.  For example,  Donor A died and has strange cravings for sardines.  The recipient receives that organ and now has a craving for sardines.  Also, the age of the recipient plays a factor as well.  This is a great book to read.  Though it does not directly relate to dreams, much of the circumstances and outcomes are very much related to how dreams function and how people have the abilities that they do.

Deja Vu – the sensation that you’ve done something before

    Deja Vu – the sensation that you’ve done something before

Oh, where was I?  Ah, yes, Deja Vu experiences. 🙂

These experiences can be quite rewarding or disturbing.  For me, this is more of a self-check making sure I’m on the right path.  The first time I’ve had these experiences I was a bit freaked out and not sure how to react to them.  However, as I got used to recognizing these characteristics, I smile or take note of the situation and if the same instance occurs, you know how to react to them.  This can be viewed as learning from your mistakes by it repeating, Deja Vu is very specific and there’s a very fine line between lessons previously learned from mistakes and this is one of those situations where a dreamer must distinguish for themselves on what is Deja Vu and what isn’t.

Deja Vu experiences for me will vary from time to time, depending on the situation.  It might occur to me five days from now or later on in life.  I have gotten to the point where I recognize this type of experience before them occurring.  This is a very interesting feeling and it’s rather fun to play with.  If in your dream journey you’ve reached this point, have fun.  You’ll know what to do and how to handle the situation.  If you’re able to recognize it though you’re still in the beginning stages, go back to your breathing exercises and concentrate on the experience, yes, I’m not joking.  Doing this will help.  What this essentially does is help you with the development of the subconsciousness to the unconscious.  Be mindful during this transition; it happens very quickly.  The easiest and most stable transitions are from the conscious to the subconsciousness.  Once you get into the Unconscious and Collective side of things,  changes occur quickly and can, at times, become seamless.  In these last two stages, it can present itself as the lower two and can give a dreamer a false sense of understanding.  I’ve been caught in a few and it’s an eye-opener.

So close this final chapter in celebration of the start of 2013, work on becoming better, take time to relax, and ALWAYS

Dream Big, Dream Often but always DREAM LUCID


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