Underlying Dream Messages(Updated) The Staircase Dream

By Peter Nurman
Loretto Chapel
(c) copyright 2019 All rights reserved

It’s a really rare occurrence for me to do a dream update on my staircase dream when I was 15 years(1995) old, and at 40 years old(2019), that clarification came to manifest itself.  To provide a synopsis, this dream was where I was going up a winding set of stairs with my guides who had “MP” on their armbands and where I encountered figure that stated, “You have changed the life that you were not supposed to” and ended with “Next time I will see you, you will be two.” You can find this in the original post: Underlying Dream Message in the navigation above.

The initial dream I omitted the full story now that I have clarity on the location which this occurred here is the full dream sequence I had when I was 15.

By Peter Nurman
Staircase (c)2019 All rights reserved

I had just fallen asleep, and I arrived at an unknown destination. To the left and right side of me were planters with dead plants. In the distance, I saw an unknown structure. As I walked toward the structure, I was able to feel the plants to the left and right of me feeling dead. I finally reached the structure and opened the door.  Four figures appeared next to me, two on each side in the front of me and behind me. I started to climb up the stairs and I was reaching the top of the landing my guides disappeared. I sensed about twelve doors six on the right and six on the left. I took the hallway to the left and entered the fourth door. Before I was able to turn the doorknob, I was inside the room and I began to levitate. I could feel a presence in front of me; however, I was unafraid. The first statement he stated to me was, “You have changed the fate of someone you shouldn’t have,” and which I replied, “I don’t know of anyone who I have affected.” The response  given back to me was, “Next time I see you, you will be two.”  When the statement was completed, I was outside the door and I was able to see the staircase. As I descended, I noticed a chandelier above me; however, the staircase had no railing. After reaching the bottom of the staircase, the door was opened and I exited the structure. When I was outside, everything around me flourished. I walked towards where the planters were when I arrived and everything in the planters bloomed.

            As time passed, it wasn’t until September 17, 2019, during dinner, my parents my dad had mentioned there was a miraculous spiral staircase in New Mexico that was built in a building called the Loretto Chapel. When this statement was spoken, a brief sense of familiarity came to search for Loretto Chapel. As I read through the history of the staircase, it became more nostalgic and I purchased the Staircase DVD and watched it on September 19, 2019. As I was watching the movie and seeing the story of how the staircase was coming into play, the sense of familiarity grew stronger.

By: Peter Nurman
Loretto chapel staircase 2
copyright 2019- All rights reserved
Updated story of my staircase dream when I was 15 years old.
By Peter Nurman
Loretto chapel copyright 2019 All rights reserved

After watching the movie, it did feel as if I was there; however, in my dream, the banisters were not present. My family and I did end up taking a trip to New Mexico and on December 2, 2019, we visited the chapel. When I was in the chapel, I took some pictures and walked around and the front of the staircase was roped off. There was one section that wasn’t roped off which was the front of the staircase. I went near the second to last row of pews but didn’t enter. As I walked past this point, I felt my energy ascending the staircase until it reached to the top of the loft. I took a few deep breaths taking in the energy around me feeling what my energy body was experiencing at the original time of the dream. I was unable to feel the doors that were present in my dream which I suspect was because once I entered the doorway, the other decisions were void. Since dreams of buildings and/or structures represent the self. In this particular instance because it was an actual site it was used as its intended purpose, “education” and the voice could have been St. Joseph’s in my dream leading me to Loretto and the education was the connection and the synergistic connection of my fifteen-year-old energy and forty-year-old self.

Here is a brief history of the chapel.  The story of Loretto Chapel started in the 1850s when the Vicariate of New Mexico was established under the first bishop of the Territory by the name of Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy, which was originally providing education for the girls of the Territory.  Around the early 1870s, the Chapel was able to be constructed. The staircase was supposed to be constructed because a staircase was needed to reach the choir loft. Unfortunately, the staircase was unable to be built because the architect died before the staircase could be built. The Sisters of Loretto prayed a nine-day novena to St. Joseph, who was the Patron Saint of Carpenters and on the ninth-day, a carpenter appeared with only a hammer and carpenter’s square and the chapel was completed in 1878. The staircase was built with simple tools and wooden pegs. There was some difficulty with climbing the stairs so approximately a decade later banisters were added. Additionally, support was added in the mid-20th century with two small brackets so the staircase would be protected by the vibrations of passing vehicles. (1)(2)


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