Alzheimer’s and Dementia(AD)Energies

                                              Alzheimer’s and Dementia(AD) Energies

            On March 4th, 2020, I started to work in a Memory Care facility. The facility assists people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia with their Activities of Daily Living(ADLs), and I started working at the facility as a  Caregiver. I’m not writing about Alzheimer’s or Dementia; specifically, however, it is the energy I felt from those I was helping from the condition and what the experience I had each night I returned home.

            In the short amount of time that I worked there (on March 7th, 2020), the vibrations felt were in various pulse rates compared to continual vibrations.   This condition is the ugliest I’ve touched on an energy level. Those who have the Alzheimer’s condition on the energy level the best way I can describe it is if you are moving through tar every day, no matter how you move through it, it keeps a hold on you. On the Dementia end, this condition is similar to a parasite. The best example of this is in one of the Spiderman movies, where Peter Parker faces the symbiote.  As I was working with these residents, the vibrations given off seem to be manipulating the signals being relayed similar to a bat’s echo, where it is constantly pinging and giving false information.

What I felt and noticed each night

Each night after the workday, there was a very pungent smell, not that of urine or someone who has had voided their bowels rather like cauterized wound without the burning smell. The feeling is that of the tar with the that of the parasite characteristics. This energy gums everything up. A few nights after clearing the energies each night, it is very tough to clear, and it binds to everything and seems to block the chakras. With me, the ones that affected the most were chakras 3-6th on me. As the night went on, it affected me physically in that my physical body overheated and had awful night sweats, none of which I’ve experienced before. What I felt from this experience was that this deceptive vibrational energy metastasizes at a rapid rate. The experience for me was only for the times I worked and cleared as much of the energy as I could during dream time. For these residences that experience this every day and their families who see their loved ones who go through this hopefully, other caregivers, med techs, and the staff as they hold space for the family it will help.

Underlying Dream Messages(Updated) The Staircase Dream

By Peter Nurman
Loretto Chapel
(c) copyright 2019 All rights reserved

It’s a really rare occurrence for me to do a dream update on my staircase dream when I was 15 years(1995) old, and at 40 years old(2019), that clarification came to manifest itself.  To provide a synopsis, this dream was where I was going up a winding set of stairs with my guides who had “MP” on their armbands and where I encountered figure that stated, “You have changed the life that you were not supposed to” and ended with “Next time I will see you, you will be two.” You can find this in the original post: Underlying Dream Message in the navigation above.

The initial dream I omitted the full story now that I have clarity on the location which this occurred here is the full dream sequence I had when I was 15.

By Peter Nurman
Staircase (c)2019 All rights reserved

I had just fallen asleep, and I arrived at an unknown destination. To the left and right side of me were planters with dead plants. In the distance, I saw an unknown structure. As I walked toward the structure, I was able to feel the plants to the left and right of me feeling dead. I finally reached the structure and opened the door.  Four figures appeared next to me, two on each side in the front of me and behind me. I started to climb up the stairs and I was reaching the top of the landing my guides disappeared. I sensed about twelve doors six on the right and six on the left. I took the hallway to the left and entered the fourth door. Before I was able to turn the doorknob, I was inside the room and I began to levitate. I could feel a presence in front of me; however, I was unafraid. The first statement he stated to me was, “You have changed the fate of someone you shouldn’t have,” and which I replied, “I don’t know of anyone who I have affected.” The response  given back to me was, “Next time I see you, you will be two.”  When the statement was completed, I was outside the door and I was able to see the staircase. As I descended, I noticed a chandelier above me; however, the staircase had no railing. After reaching the bottom of the staircase, the door was opened and I exited the structure. When I was outside, everything around me flourished. I walked towards where the planters were when I arrived and everything in the planters bloomed.

            As time passed, it wasn’t until September 17, 2019, during dinner, my parents my dad had mentioned there was a miraculous spiral staircase in New Mexico that was built in a building called the Loretto Chapel. When this statement was spoken, a brief sense of familiarity came to search for Loretto Chapel. As I read through the history of the staircase, it became more nostalgic and I purchased the Staircase DVD and watched it on September 19, 2019. As I was watching the movie and seeing the story of how the staircase was coming into play, the sense of familiarity grew stronger.

By: Peter Nurman
Loretto chapel staircase 2
copyright 2019- All rights reserved
Updated story of my staircase dream when I was 15 years old.
By Peter Nurman
Loretto chapel copyright 2019 All rights reserved

After watching the movie, it did feel as if I was there; however, in my dream, the banisters were not present. My family and I did end up taking a trip to New Mexico and on December 2, 2019, we visited the chapel. When I was in the chapel, I took some pictures and walked around and the front of the staircase was roped off. There was one section that wasn’t roped off which was the front of the staircase. I went near the second to last row of pews but didn’t enter. As I walked past this point, I felt my energy ascending the staircase until it reached to the top of the loft. I took a few deep breaths taking in the energy around me feeling what my energy body was experiencing at the original time of the dream. I was unable to feel the doors that were present in my dream which I suspect was because once I entered the doorway, the other decisions were void. Since dreams of buildings and/or structures represent the self. In this particular instance because it was an actual site it was used as its intended purpose, “education” and the voice could have been St. Joseph’s in my dream leading me to Loretto and the education was the connection and the synergistic connection of my fifteen-year-old energy and forty-year-old self.

Here is a brief history of the chapel.  The story of Loretto Chapel started in the 1850s when the Vicariate of New Mexico was established under the first bishop of the Territory by the name of Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy, which was originally providing education for the girls of the Territory.  Around the early 1870s, the Chapel was able to be constructed. The staircase was supposed to be constructed because a staircase was needed to reach the choir loft. Unfortunately, the staircase was unable to be built because the architect died before the staircase could be built. The Sisters of Loretto prayed a nine-day novena to St. Joseph, who was the Patron Saint of Carpenters and on the ninth-day, a carpenter appeared with only a hammer and carpenter’s square and the chapel was completed in 1878. The staircase was built with simple tools and wooden pegs. There was some difficulty with climbing the stairs so approximately a decade later banisters were added. Additionally, support was added in the mid-20th century with two small brackets so the staircase would be protected by the vibrations of passing vehicles. (1)(2)


1. The Loretto Chapel (2017) Our Story

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Phase 4 -The Awakening Self

From this date of April 27, 2015, phases and shifts are no longer valid or should no longer be validated. All energies now and future energies will be those of experiences.   Phase and shifts only hold perceptive awareness, and for the time of these experiences had to be defined as such. As these experiences develop so will the self.  So what makes this definition different? 

Consider the following:


  • We have experienced much of these terms in our daily lives, people say, “You are going through a phase, which could mean growth phase such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, &t… which passes as time passes.
  • Shifts, we most notably recognize this in our daily lives, relating to work or parenting duties, among other aspects of life, shifts get very tiring as we progress through such things.
  • Lastly, with the aspects of shifts/phases, one must seemingly need to be in the present and for an energy body, we are always present.


  • Can you recall the moment that you did a particular activity?   The aspect of the activity being performed, whether it was new or not, is irrelevant, just that you did it.   How did that feel?  Compare this to the previous statement of the Shifts and Phases paragraph, how relevant were the characteristics of experiences compared to the bullet points?  I hope in your mind you said none at all. For those who did feel certain characteristics from the previous topic, not too worry,  this is still normal. 🙂
  • What about the perceptions of success and failure within society and the validation that is held within this position?< We all fall into this pit of despair.  As we experience a life we fall into its Structure.
  • Memories, what can you recall regarding the memories you’ve had and having?

What does this have to The Awakening Self?  Everything!  As these experiences take hold of us, as the energy cleanses the world around us for those who have an unwillingness to change, meditate on the aspects of some of the bullet points of experiences.  As the wave continues and change occurs so do the things around us.  The world is always in a state of change; energy is always in a state of change; we are all in a state of change.

Let us use our breath to form the world we desire,  radiate energy so powerful, and so luminescence that we may see the Earth illuminated with our being.

Enjoy the energy cleanse, and all that will be experienced.

As usual

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always Dream Lucid

Phase 4 – Preparations for New Awareness

During this last phase, the shift much of the preparation will be done within the sleep cycles of the REM stages. As we had seen from the beginning stages of Phase 1, our starting point had been developed from the main source of the self (or body) as we progressed through ourselves we began ascending towards newer enlightenment.

For those who have been on this journey with light, the transitions will become less challenging, though these phases are rarely an easy path; each energy body will have their challenges.

Those holding on to non-light transitions such as religion and material positions and viewing them strictly as a base compared to building based on a foundation strategy where these can view as tools rather than the end will have a greater challenge to face.

The preparation of this phase, as mentioned, will be during the sleep stages. This would be the ideal time to increase your dream awareness and goals based on the heart’s code and goals as synchronized with your energy body.

Enjoy the upcoming shift in the next few months.

As always

Dream Big…Dream Often…but always…DREAM LUCID

Phase 3 -Renewal of the Body

With the Christmas and New Years approaching, there have been many shifts along the way and the transitions of bodies. In this second to the last phase of the “New Awareness,” things have been changing very quickly. Don’t let the subtle energies fool you for these energies is like that of baptism; they are subtle yet powerful. For this phase and the following, many changes will be happening.

What should we do to prepare? The purpose behind this third phase is self-reflection; one cannot renew one’s self without looking back, so mediation is key compared to the last phase of the awakening of the new self, which will be covered in later detail as the New Year progresses. There is no set time frame (i.e., a number of years to reflect upon since all things are connected).

Novices: to those who are just entering this phase focus on your breath, for those who are just studying, you should start to realize just how important your breath is since it regulates all things around and in you. Focus on a breath pattern and start to choose what you would like to reflect upon. Such aspects can be that of the mind and the waviness of how the thoughts are going through; others could range from the heart feeling that of blockage to the root chakra feeling the tense focus on these area(s) individually then move on.

Advanced: Engage in the energy fields that you feel, interact and read the coded messages. Within these codes, it allows one to find their specific meaning within this third phase and your energy body will be programmed to account for the fourth phase.

Experts: Have fun with this phase. With energies shifting more than ever, your thoughts are more powerful and will harness its energy phases within the current phase and future phases to come. Bring awareness to these types of thoughts for future phases, just because people have this ability, does not make them “experts” you are just advanced novices 😉 do not let this phase take advantage of you, for this phase, the fourth phase and future phases will be less forgiving.

What to expect: During the time of the third and fourth phases, there will be some slight changes within the energy spectrum and each of these changes will affect people in different ways. For those who are aware of their thoughts, be mindful of the energies that are being transmitted from these thoughts as well as the actions and the intent behind them.

These last two phases are going to be an awesome experience!

See everyone on the other side

As Always

Dream Big, Dream often…but always…DREAM LUCID

Phase 3 – Preparation of Renewing the body

The energies from the awakening are gaining speed.  There have been many changes since the May/June time frame.  The energies are becoming more smooth, subtle and precise.  What does this mean?  Simply stated, energies progressing through our physical body via our spiritual body are becoming more sensitive, acute, and, most importantly responsive.  With the renewal of our new body, what can we expect?

During this upcoming third phase and the last phases, little preparation is required.  The last two phases will be more on the testing/technical aspect of applying energy.

How well you will notice energy changes and their frequencies and subtle shifts.  What feelings do you sense from the shifts and their characteristics to the physical form?

For me, things that I have felt as the energy passes differently compared to the others are the following:

  • My body has needed to rest more, and there have been gradual feelings of uneasiness like head congestion without having a cold.
  • The rush of energy swirling throughout the body
  • Greater sensations within the chakras and energy body
  • Thirst for more knowledge related to the shifts.
    For me, these books seemed to resonate with me:
    • Demystifying the out-of-body Experience by Luis Minero
    • Penta Manual by Waldo Vieira, MD
    • The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachments, Communication, and Self-Regulation by Stephen W. Porges.

These feelings will vary from person to person.  Some may require more mediation through the day or perhaps prayer; neither of these things is incorrect.  The needs of a novice will differ greatly compared to those who are more advanced. Listening to these sensations is your best guide.

Get ready for the Renewal in the upcoming months.

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always DREAM LUCID

Phase 2 – The Awakening

With the recent activity of the Solar Flares on April 25, the awakening energies are seemingly being shielded by the magnetic forces and much of the energies that people will be feeling will be in a sense an illusion for their energy so to speak and not the awakening energy that is originally supposed to be felt.

There isn’t anything to do at this particular stage, the person should just let it pass naturally and the new energy will be felt.

To refresh the  break down the phases as the way they are coming across to me, I’m not sure if others will agree with the breakdown so here are the Phase 1 through 4 with their tentative inception dates:

To elaborate more on this illusion before the lifting of this shield, much of the energy felt within this shielding of the vibration of the solar flares and earth’s field is that much of what will be felt will be very deceptive.  One can think of this particular effect as someone who suffers from sinus blockage, and you became unclear, stuffy, and just miserable.  Since everything has its time, this is the time energy of the earth as well as our energy bodies to shift with the earth.  Once this shield lifts new energy will be arriving.  For those who have not prepared or have refused to change,  the transitioning to this new awareness will not be pleasant.  Much of a person’s thoughts and actions will be in an infinite loop.

What to expect

We should experience gradual and comfortable shifts of awareness.  This will be the ideal time to tap into the collective.  As a result, this will be your ideal setup for the remaining two shifts which will be the last two big shifts(the 4th being the strongest).

This new awakening period will occur automatically, and therefore no other actions will be necessary for terms of meditation, and chakra focus will be necessary. There will be some minor preparation for the last two phases, however.

As far as the shield, this will be lifted in the next few weeks.  Phase 2 to the transition to Phase 3 will be one of the longer shifts, so enjoy the ride.

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always…DREAM LUCID

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With all the energy happenings lately, we will take a step back. This can be important to do from time to time regardless of where we are in our journey.  In the past few weeks, I’ve been rather exhausted and I was sleeping for a few hours throughout the day.  During this period, I felt my energy going back to the beginning stages when I was 15.  As a result of this, it brought me to post on the topic of resets.  This came about when I was reading the book “Original Strength”  by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert.  So, what does this book cover?  It covers the necessity to go back to how we naturally moved like when we were babies.  The exercises that are covered in this book various from a baby crawl to various rolls you can do, or  If you have a toddler, you can copy the toddler 😉 and you can start moving the way you were supposed to move.  We as humans are not meant to stay still; we are supposed to move, run, jump, and have fun. 😀

How does this relate to the shifts? With the mention in the previous paragraph regarding being tired and sleeping, during these shifts, not only is sleep beneficial for your health, with the energy shifts happening, Beta and Theta stages, shifts have occurred during these stages as well as the purging of negative energies(Hall, 1998).  Also, during these stages, I’ve noticed awareness occurs.  Though speculation, I suspect that those who experience Out of Body Experience(OOBE), as well as Near-Death Experience(NDE), occur at these stages.


Novice: For those just starting, listen to your body, sleep when you can, and focus on your breath(regardless of what your level breath is the most important) and allow your body to regulate itself.

Intermediate: Interact more with your sleeping state.  The same method used for remembering your dreams(setting the intent) will also work with shifts.  Before sleep, take three deep breaths.  With each breath set your intention of the shift as you drift into sleep, your programming will kick in and regulate your shifts and upon waking, you should feel relaxed.  Don’t worry if you are still feeling tired, similar to a computer on reboot; it will take everything some time to adjust.

Advanced: If you are at this stage, you know what is coming.  For those transitioning from the Intermediate to Advanced stage, much like the post in the Phase 1 entry, meditate throughout the day.  During your sleep stage, focus on something in the physical plane, a brick in a brick wall, sentences someone speaks, or your chakras) when you enter your dream state,  and when you see that object or hear a phrase you set)your shifts will start occurring more naturally, and your body will follow.

Be ready for the new awakening.

As always

Dream big, dream often…but always DREAM LUCID


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Phase 2 – Preparation for the Awakening

The start of Phase 2 is starting to make itself known.  This particular energy path I felt six months ago, and now please prepare yourself.  This is more or less the “make” or “break”  transitional period before the awakening.

So, what should you expect in the preparation?  This is the start of the awakening of the crown center.  During this pre-Awakening state, many people have had greater awareness through their dreams as well as greater awareness of their environment.  Though these stages are present in all shifts, what happens within each stage does not.  Much like our childhood, adolescence and adulthood stages, our shifts will be similar to this process; however with energy,  this is an ongoing process.

The preparations:

Novice: For those just beginning to feel these shifts breath.  Keep track of your breath and your mind.  Due to most of the energy in the crown, thoughts will be much stronger, and the energy behind them great.  To release these pressures do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Imagine a valve on the right side of your head
  3. As you take your breath, imagine a valve on the opposite side of your head
  4. Which each breath inhaled and exhaled envision positive energy enter from the right side of your head pushing out the negative energy on the opposite side.
  5. The length of this exercise can be as long or as short as you’d like.  The feeling you should get from this is a little less of a noisy mind.

Intermediate: The energy center of the crown will be taken care of.  Focus more on the heart center and build your meditation around this point.  As your meditation progresses, your crown center will slowly expand, take note of this.  For those who prefer to write these experiences, imagine a pad and paper in your mind with what you want to write and then continue with your meditation.  If you are not able to perform this, follow the steps above for the novice meditation.  Replace steps 2-4 with the thoughts you wish to remember and the pencil and paper(or easier reference as a “clipboard” 😉 )

For all others, work on expanding your crown energy through your breath.

Advanced: Those in this stage should be preparing for the last two stages.  Your energy as you know, has already adjusted for Phase 2.  As Phase 2 draws near for us, our energy centers from the crown to the heart will be lit.  The bottom centers (solar plexus down to earth will be on standby to provide balance)will be secondary.

For those just entering the advanced stage, be aware that awareness will be much immediate, so be conscious of your thoughts.  The manifestations of thought during this period compared to Novice -> Intermediate will not be as obvious, which is why what and how you think is important.  The positive side of transitioning from

Intermediate->Advanced is your queue.  Unlike the Novice stage, where there is no delay, at this stage, you can formulate your tone.

Take note that if negative energy is attached, this will be toxic to your spirit body, so before anything is projected out clear as much negative energy as you can(some may be present, which is normal, we are only human).

Welcome to the energy of the Crown.

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but ALWAYS DREAM LUCID

Phase 1 Shift -Beginnings

The 1st of 4 energy shifts is initiating.  For those in tune, you should have felt the start of Phase 1 on February 1st.  The actual beginning levels of the shift(s) should be felt around the last two weeks of February to the beginning of March.  This shift will be the lightest of energies.

Though I have not read the book “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, from those who I’ve talked to described the series as the rapture where people mysteriously vanished. Those who vanished were believers of God.  Also, for religious believers who say they are waiting for God to appear through various signs, they are missing the boat.  Another book I’d like to reference is one  I recently read.  The book called “Love Without End: Jesus Speaks…”  by Glenda Green.  In this book, Jesus came to Glenda between the dates of November 23, 1991, and March 12, 1992(p.3), and one of the things Jesus described was something called “The Adamantine Particles” as the book described as the God particle.

In Phase 1, although the authors of the “Left Behind” series described people vanishing, I would like to take a different approach.  In my view, though the authors are correct in terms of vanishings, the approach is more along the line of consciousness rather than a physical being.  With “The Adamantine Particles,” as described by Ms. Green, this is the first sign.  As stated in Chapter 12: Jesus on Science, Jesus stated these words to Glenda, “Truth on the other hand, is the breadth and depth of consciousness which transcends reality and distills it into simple understanding!  It is the truth which sets you free from the limiting aspects of external dependencies and conditions(p.282)

Stepping back to Chapter 4: The Adamantine Particles, Glenda asked Jesus about the understanding of these particles.  Jesus’ response to her was

“Adamantine particles are commanded by love-only by love.  Understanding them and conscious utilization of them belonging to a higher paradigm.  Thieves do have their way from time to time.  However, the greater law of ownership always prevails. That law states that ownership belongs to love, to responsible custody, and the utilization of power for the good of all” (p.121).

Things are changing in this world; the earth is going through its phase as described in previous entries as growing pains.  This Phase 1 shift, in my mind, is the beginning of new consciousness, and those who are not prepared will be in a stage I’ll coin as, “The illusion of the Ego.”

With all the stages  it would be helpful to break down the phases as the way they are coming across to me, here are the Phase 1 through 4 with their tentative inception dates that will be in the menu:

I won’t go into details; these phases will arrive at their prescribed time frame.

With this first stage, some things that can be expected for those high level and low-level energy people.

Starting with the

Low spectrum(Energy sub 200)

  • Energy will feel like a vacuum 
  • The ability to sustain shift(s): Difficult
  •  Negative energy thoughts will be mostly at the center
  • Though positive thoughts may be present due to the saturation of negative energy via Ego, simple situations will be difficult to manage and greater energy must be exerted. 

High spectrum(Energy 700+)

  • Energy will feel like a cool breeze
  • The ability to sustain shift(s): Manageable
  • Positive thoughts will be mostly at the center
  • Though negative thoughts may be present, the positive energies would equalize the negative thoughts.

The ability to manage the shifts regardless of level can still be a task.  No one shift is the same, nor will the same person of similar experience levels experience the same shift.  The effect of these shifts will be different as well.  The only difference between the lower frequency and higher frequency people are the strength.

If we compare the feeling to those attached to a T.E.N.S.  (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)unit(2), the low would be above the pins and needles feeling you get for having the device in a rather wide area, compared to the same pins and needles feeling, however, it is at a much smaller area and the frequency is at the correct vibration to those in the higher levels.

For me, I’ve felt a wide range of shifts from the vacuum during the time I was learning to the cool breeze feeling.  I’ve also felt the combination vacuum and breeze.  In these cases, it could be the transition from the middle frequency to the higher frequency levels.  Regardless of where you are in your journey, keep walking through, the destination is well worth it.

As always

Dream big, dream often but always…DREAM LUCID


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