Dreams are the key. Meditation is the road you take to find the key. Mediation was a difficult step for me.  My mind was very crowded and the ability to have a quiet mind was very nerve-racking, to say the least.  It wasn’t until I saw a video on yoga that helped me learn how to relax.  It was then I realized how important breath was during the movements.

As I began practicing meditation, I incorporated them into my dream life, and my mind began to clear and my perception and awareness began to increase.  It was at this point I started to bring everything into play.  I would use the combination of mediation and lucid dreaming. Now the fun would begin. 😀

Before we get to the fun stuff,  I had my first out of body experience (OBE) that had some substance when I was 15.

This was that experience:
It was 10 P.M., and as I was lying in my bed, I saw a bright light overhead.  This light engulfed my whole room.  As this light got brighter, I saw myself levitate.  As I left my body,   the light grew larger in the distance and became the shape of a nautilus.  I felt the energy from this source and it was very peaceful.  My spirit entered and there was brief darkness.  I felt very safe in the darkness and when I arrived on the other side,  there was an indistinct voice.  As I walked with this person, I saw my life review from birth to death in what I would describe as a t.v. Like clouds.  In each event,  I felt how the actions affect the person that was targeted.  I woke up after.

It was this experience that started me on my journey and opened up my mind to the various possibilities as well as the abilities I’d be developing in later years.   During this growth period, much like a child, one must have food.  Food in this particular situation is knowledge.  I read as many books as I could on the subject of lucid dreaming, near-death experiences, books on psychology, and philosophy.  Meditation at this stage was equivalent to sleep.  I was struggling a little with meditating, and my experience lasted a few minutes at a time.  As I progressed through my meditation stages, I started to lose track of time and went until I felt relaxed, keeping focused on my heartbeat and of course, my breath.  I would do this a few times a day in a quiet room (much like people taking a nap). When I was comfortable with my meditation sessions, lucid dreaming was incorporated (Currently, I can relax as needed). At this point in my journey, I was in my late teens and I had just got into skydiving.  So for one of my first training sessions of lucid dreaming, I would train myself to skydive, reviewing everything my instructor had told me. — The point of this particular exercise isn’t so much to improve on a particular skill, though it will when the timing is there, rather it prepares your mind and body to perform.

Before anything happens physically, one must be able to visualize the event before doing the activity.  Through lucid dreaming and meditation, this takes it to another step.  You can condition your body to do what you want it to do that you would not normally have it to do in the waking state. This is a mental activity to improve your lucidity.  The results are the effects of this particular state. Somethings I’ve used lucid dreaming on but not limited to:


Learning how to handle a particular situation where it would normally give stress


Kettlebell training

and lastly,


the list can be endless.

We now have the key(dreams) the road(mediation) how about the door?

This has got to be the coolest part yet! (Well, I think it’s cool 🙂 what a popping some bubble wrap 😀 )

The people around you! 😀 this may or may not be obvious to some people.  We as a people I think our true nature is to help where it got lost I can’t answer…however I can tell you it’s somewhere between life, religion, society and other aspects that have corrupted the human psyche. Those around us gives us the opportunities to succeed.  Have we reached these doors at the correct time?  Have we reached them too quickly or possibly too slowly?  Are these doors for us or others?

Once we open the door are we:






These are all normal and should be embraced.  This is who we are.  , I was all these things the majority of my experience and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  It wasn’t until I embraced these factors that growth happens and awareness starts to enter. There is a big relief when you can let these things go.  We all can’t be Atlus and hold the world on our shoulders. Frankly, it’s tiring.  Yes, we all feel these things if it’s in waking or in slumber it happens so the best way to do it is to….go into the dream and face them.

And now for those waiting for the answers to the questions in the other paragraph…… 🙂

Dream big,  dream often but always DREAM LUCID

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  1. Excellent, I loved this blog because I can relate to it so much, where I am right now and I found an answer to a question in this blog as I usually do in all of your blogs. Thank you Peter for sharing your self and your journey so we all can grow and gain wisdom and be comfortable in knowing that our different emotions are normal. Namaste

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