Transition Phase- Part 2

The learning stages of energy is always present.  We covered the innate energies which we were given before birth and what the combination of social influences and a physical body does to our energy.  Progression from our innate energy learning(Grade school) to levels such as Middle School and High School is rather subtle.  Much like our adolescent days in the physical bodies, our energies are constantly changing.  Our energy from the past five years to now is different.  Situations like these change, and due to the influx of energies we face each day, our energies aren’t even the same from the moment we wake-up in the morning to the time we sleep.

So, where do these phases kick in? Any part of our day, we can have shifted.  In part 1, I had mentioned “pausing” my energy.  This is an advanced skill that will take time to develop and in certain situations, can feel unstable if people are unable to maintain and manage a balanced energy level.  This cannot be taught; it is something that is a natural part of energy.  The pausing skill can be equivalent to our “fight or flight” response in our physical body.  Some may be able to sense this ability within their energies. Others may not. 

During our Middle School and High School phases, like that of our physical bodies, we test the waters.  There are some differences here.

In the physical:

  • The decisions we make are more responsive in terms of people reacting; however, how the relationship plays between the two parties aren’t.  For example, if you fight with a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, &t though the ego reaction is anger time will tell how that relationship will develop, maybe they might make amends they won’t.
  • Relationships take time. People need to date, feel things out, &t.

In the energy

  • The energy level is more responsive.  The decisions we make on the energy level is immediate or almost immediate if we know how to manage and read our environment.  As we progress from the Middle School and High School phases to the College and Grad level phases instances occur at the speed of thought.  From my experiences between the Middle school and High School levels to the College level, it has been the difference between days to months compared minutes to days at the College level.  From College to Grad level, there is no comparison.  The ability to read situations knowing when they are most likely to occur and this feeling can span globally.  This can be mistaken for gut instinct; the difference between gut instinct(though this does play a part), the difference is gut vs. energy, energy allows you to actively manage that energy, compared to the gut where it is more passive.

Relationships.  Relationships have already been built within the energies, friendships, partnerships, &t.  This particular part can be confusing compared to the physical side of things.  With all dating sites and relationships developing every second, the age-old question, “Is this relationship right for me” or “I slept with this person because I felt a connection” or “I have to date to find someone.” If you are asking yourself these questions and placing yourself in these situations, it is your ego managing you.  With energy, you already know before you even see, hear, meet, or even touch the person.  Most of the people I encountered and/or observed shouldn’t be married have kids or even relationships, and they should have stayed single. However, due to the characteristics of these relationships expansion of energy is formed. 

I’m not sure where I heard this particular statement.  I heard a good number of years ago.  It was about abortion.  The story starts with a mother talking to God asking him why there is so much violence, famine, &t. in the world and why there were not scientists, doctors, &t… to do anything about it. God’s response was, “There would be if you didn’t abort that child.”

The statement above is strong words to say the least.  With everything happening in the world with the energy changes occurring throughout 2014, awareness will be raised and shifts will be steady through powerful.  The veil will be lifted; the light will shine through.

  End Part 2

To Part 1

Dream big, dream often…but always DREAM LUCID

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