The Bridge Part 1

I had a very interesting experience over the weekend.  I was sick last week with the flu from Saturday to Sunday morning.    I had a nice energy jump during this time.  This occurrence occurred on Sunday at midnight on the 6th.  I’m not sure if it was due to the flu; however, what I felt during this period was not from any flu I’ve felt.  The best way I can describe this feeling is if you could take ALL of your experiences from both of a Lucid dream and an Out of body experience or Near Death Experience and combined them into one experience, this would be it.  This was very intense, and the amount of energy it took for me to stay in control remotely was very difficult. In this particular stage, once I was able to gain control was unbelievable.

At this state, I could keep both conscious thought and a collective unconscious thought at the same time.  So, I hope to coin a term below as:

Ultra-Collective Unconscious( Ultra-Collective or UC for short).  As I was experiencing this, the best way I could describe it is the combination of subjects of Psychology, Metaphysics, and working with energy.  The psychology plays into part because it deals with the ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO, metaphysics because of everything functions as one entity and energy because in this section one can, manage, read/interpret (will be covered in The Bridge Part 2), and execute energy.

With regards to the psychology aspect of the UC, the ID plays the most important part because it is the most simplistic and most carnal, this will be derived as the engine.  SUPEREGO will function as the UC’s guidance system.  Within the UC aspect, this particular aspect of the UC is the management aspect.  Lastly, the EGO is UC’s ability to execute.  In human nature, our ID is our sexual nature, our survival, our Superego, how we see how society regulates our actions, and lastly, our Ego is all that balances everything.  What if it was possible to tap into these three aspects within our dream and waking lives?  During the time of my sickness, I believe I have found a bridge from the Conscious to the Collective Unconscious.  To touch base on part 2 of reading/interpretation, I would like to make a definition of Metastanding, much like Metaphysics, which is the branch of philosophy, that deals with ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology(1).

Metastanding, I’d like to say that it is more of having the ability to understand the thought of understanding beyond how one can interpret language, linguistics, rather diving deeper of how 3

a: the meaning or relationship of meanings of a sign or set of signs, especially: connotative meaning (2) of the dream world, which I’ll describe my experience more in part 2 on Thursday.

Finally, the last part, execution(Ego), since the ego is the balance of the person, this particular part of the UC executes the experience.

The management and execution of the UC and how it works:

When I experience what I define as the bridge, the transition between this period was very intense.  As I was going through this stage, it had not seemed all that many people have reached this level, rather not many have succeeded.  Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this was like the combination of a Lucid Dream and Out of body experience, all combined into one.  I could feel my heart rate increase in this stage.  I do not feel as if I was asleep since I felt conscious and at the same time, unconscious as well as being able to notice my REM stage.  After this experience, it felt rather invigorating as well as heightened senses.  In prior stages, I’ve experiences where one felt only that particular consciousness, the UC, as I’ve experienced encompasses all levels in addition to becoming more aware of the energy around you.  For those who are experiencer (i.e., those of the OBE and NDEs) this is equivalent to a remote viewing with one exception, much like a lucid dream, where you are aware of dreaming, in this particular case it is much like a 3rd person point of view or a 4th person view where the remote viewer can see the object(s) the 4th can see everything that which the viewer is viewing.

The management of this particular stage is very challenging, more challenging than that of the collective if one is to dive into the collective.  The UC is much more unstable if one is to try to tap into this particular scene.  The execution of the UC has to be managed very closely since energy moves and changes very quickly.  One must be very certain of the intent as the outcome can be immediate.  All energy can be both positive and negative, and at this stage of the game, everything you draw upon is magnified, so though you may find that your intentions are true if any doubt sets in, what your project is a mirror effect.  Though one can use mediation to manage stress or even have a positive out, look if people’s intentions are pure the outcome will not be what is expected and that begins with a pure heart (or as close to a pure heart you can achieve) this above within the UC is what processes things.   In my previous post of L.O.V.E. keeping these aspects at heart is a start.

Now, time to put a {in progress} sign up and complete the final half of this bridge.

The Bridge Part 2


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