Transition Phase – Part 1

We are a spiritual beings in a physical body. Those are powerful words given this up and coming shift.  When we hear about transitions a lot as we grew up.  We might hear of transitioning from work after some number of years either to another job or even from a job entering retirement stages.

Energy is no different.  The best way I could relate the transition phases in terms of entering school. Grade school, middle school, high school, college and grad school.  Each level respectively developing energies.  Though there is no particular numbering per se,  grade school: 1 through 5; middle school 6 through 12; (maybe represented in years) &t… though this chart would be an accurate indicator: of how your energy goes through its transition phase(s).

The chart above is  referenced from a book called Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, Ph.D., M.D. and it describes the levels of behavior.  It is a great read and an interesting view on human behavior.  Referring back to the opening comment of, “We are spiritual beings in a physical body” our energies had already been developed(our grade school level) prior to us “being”.  It is due to our physical nature as well as our environment that hinders us to transition to the other levels: middle school, high school levels and beyond.  It is our responsibility to keep as much of our spiritual form as we can.  With all personality types, learning styles that we experience in our physical bodies.  We all learn at a different rate and some easy some difficult and even some  of circumstances may affect certain energies more than others, these are similarities

So, what are the differences? The difference is the way the energy transitions.  As we transition we can develop higher sensitivity to the 5 senses either single or combined.   As far as your sixth sense, that is always there most need to reboot it.

As we progress through these stages of transitions, things will start to manifest.  This is where your sixth sense comes into play.  Energy is energy.  How positive or negative something is, is based on the person’s view point.  Truth is, energy is neutral.  It is not until we place a conscious mindset on what is positive or negative.

What about my transition? At my beginning stages grade school) lasted from the age of 12 to my early 20’s, so approximately 10 years or so.  It was at this stage I decided to pause everything.  This is not as bad as it seems.  In certain cases if you get to a certain point in a transitional period(much like a relationship, you take a break).  My pause session lasted for about 8 years.  There are some interesting things that occur during this phase with energy.  Energy starts growing, it gets stronger, it matures.  Compared to relationships when couples “take a break” or “break-up” or whatever term you wish to use. In the physical,  recovery takes a few years. Energy takes moments. There is a  grace period between the pause stage and when you resume to your current state.  For me my grace period was 3 years of the 8 period phase.  This will vary from person to person and the amount of information you receive from the queued energy was very strong when it caught up to the physical body.

What did this do to my level? It raised my stage to a college level which I’ll cover in part 2.  I’ll cover the middle school and high school levels in part 2 as well.

End Part 1

Part 2

Dream big, dream often…but always…DREAM LUCID

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