Phase 2 – Preparation for the Awakening

The start of Phase 2 is starting to make itself known.  This particular energy path I felt six months ago, and now please prepare yourself.  This is more or less the “make” or “break”  transitional period before the awakening.

So, what should you expect in the preparation?  This is the start of the awakening of the crown center.  During this pre-Awakening state, many people have had greater awareness through their dreams as well as greater awareness of their environment.  Though these stages are present in all shifts, what happens within each stage does not.  Much like our childhood, adolescence and adulthood stages, our shifts will be similar to this process; however with energy,  this is an ongoing process.

The preparations:

Novice: For those just beginning to feel these shifts breath.  Keep track of your breath and your mind.  Due to most of the energy in the crown, thoughts will be much stronger, and the energy behind them great.  To release these pressures do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Imagine a valve on the right side of your head
  3. As you take your breath, imagine a valve on the opposite side of your head
  4. Which each breath inhaled and exhaled envision positive energy enter from the right side of your head pushing out the negative energy on the opposite side.
  5. The length of this exercise can be as long or as short as you’d like.  The feeling you should get from this is a little less of a noisy mind.

Intermediate: The energy center of the crown will be taken care of.  Focus more on the heart center and build your meditation around this point.  As your meditation progresses, your crown center will slowly expand, take note of this.  For those who prefer to write these experiences, imagine a pad and paper in your mind with what you want to write and then continue with your meditation.  If you are not able to perform this, follow the steps above for the novice meditation.  Replace steps 2-4 with the thoughts you wish to remember and the pencil and paper(or easier reference as a “clipboard” 😉 )

For all others, work on expanding your crown energy through your breath.

Advanced: Those in this stage should be preparing for the last two stages.  Your energy as you know, has already adjusted for Phase 2.  As Phase 2 draws near for us, our energy centers from the crown to the heart will be lit.  The bottom centers (solar plexus down to earth will be on standby to provide balance)will be secondary.

For those just entering the advanced stage, be aware that awareness will be much immediate, so be conscious of your thoughts.  The manifestations of thought during this period compared to Novice -> Intermediate will not be as obvious, which is why what and how you think is important.  The positive side of transitioning from

Intermediate->Advanced is your queue.  Unlike the Novice stage, where there is no delay, at this stage, you can formulate your tone.

Take note that if negative energy is attached, this will be toxic to your spirit body, so before anything is projected out clear as much negative energy as you can(some may be present, which is normal, we are only human).

Welcome to the energy of the Crown.

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but ALWAYS DREAM LUCID

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