Underlying Dream Messages

Underlying Dream Messages are unique.  I’ve only had a few and these are different compared to reoccurring dreams. These types of dreams have a very specific purpose.  These types of dreams are specific to the dreamer. This could be a message from a loved one that has passed (much like those who have experienced an NDE or an OBE during a life review)or a particular entity that is like a messenger.  One can differentiate this particular type of dream compared to a regular dream in that this type of dream is specific in that it is like having a conversation with a person.  One particular way you can tell this is not an OBE is due to a lack of control of your environment and your spirit body.  Like the OBE, however, one can step back into the experience.  This type of experience will also take some time to develop in terms of knowing what’s a message and what is considered a dream state.

I haven’t had much of these types of dreams since most of mine happen in the waking state; however, in my beginning stages, I did have one experience.

I had this experience when I was 15 years old. It started in a dark passage and I had a group of people with me climbing up some stairs.  There was just enough light for me to make out these stairs.  Those around me had armbands that had the letters “MP.”  As I continued, I reached a point where the group left me.  To me, this was most likely the top of the stairs.  I walked down the hallway, and many doors present, and people were yelling out.  I ignored this and reached the end of the hallway and there was a door.    Before I was even able to attempt to turn the doorknob, I entered the room.  Everything was still dark and I began to levitate off the floor.  I sensed a presence though I was not scared.  It knew that sensed it’s presence and it gave me this message, “You have changed the life of that which you should not have changed.”  I spoke back to this entity, by saying, “I do not know of anyone that I have had this effect on.”  This entity responded and ended with, “Next time I see you, you will be two.” After this occurred, I was outside the door.

Piecing this together, this particular dream is different than a recurring dream or even that of a lucid dream, though it does have the properties of each.  This particular type of dream is ongoing in that each particular aspect can happen at different periods.  As much fun as it would be to dissect this dream, I decided to keep the fun by not knowing.  A few important notations are:

The Stairs

The Hallway

The people

The hallway


The Doors(these would be the doors you open, not the band 😉 )

We can assume the aspect of this dream is a house of some sort and a house is representative of the self.  The other aspects of this particular home listed are the transitions that we encounter throughout our lives or parts of our lives, which we have or have not experienced.

As I mentioned, I won’t dissect this dream as fun as it would be for me to do. The mystery is sometimes the fun of life.  The point of not knowing can be the greatest challenge of knowing.

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