With all the energy happenings lately, we will take a step back. This can be important to do from time to time regardless of where we are in our journey.  In the past few weeks, I’ve been rather exhausted and I was sleeping for a few hours throughout the day.  During this period, I felt my energy going back to the beginning stages when I was 15.  As a result of this, it brought me to post on the topic of resets.  This came about when I was reading the book “Original Strength”  by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert.  So, what does this book cover?  It covers the necessity to go back to how we naturally moved like when we were babies.  The exercises that are covered in this book various from a baby crawl to various rolls you can do, or  If you have a toddler, you can copy the toddler 😉 and you can start moving the way you were supposed to move.  We as humans are not meant to stay still; we are supposed to move, run, jump, and have fun. 😀

How does this relate to the shifts? With the mention in the previous paragraph regarding being tired and sleeping, during these shifts, not only is sleep beneficial for your health, with the energy shifts happening, Beta and Theta stages, shifts have occurred during these stages as well as the purging of negative energies(Hall, 1998).  Also, during these stages, I’ve noticed awareness occurs.  Though speculation, I suspect that those who experience Out of Body Experience(OOBE), as well as Near-Death Experience(NDE), occur at these stages.


Novice: For those just starting, listen to your body, sleep when you can, and focus on your breath(regardless of what your level breath is the most important) and allow your body to regulate itself.

Intermediate: Interact more with your sleeping state.  The same method used for remembering your dreams(setting the intent) will also work with shifts.  Before sleep, take three deep breaths.  With each breath set your intention of the shift as you drift into sleep, your programming will kick in and regulate your shifts and upon waking, you should feel relaxed.  Don’t worry if you are still feeling tired, similar to a computer on reboot; it will take everything some time to adjust.

Advanced: If you are at this stage, you know what is coming.  For those transitioning from the Intermediate to Advanced stage, much like the post in the Phase 1 entry, meditate throughout the day.  During your sleep stage, focus on something in the physical plane, a brick in a brick wall, sentences someone speaks, or your chakras) when you enter your dream state,  and when you see that object or hear a phrase you set)your shifts will start occurring more naturally, and your body will follow.

Be ready for the new awakening.

As always

Dream big, dream often…but always DREAM LUCID


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retrieved on: April 13, 2014, from

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