Phase 2 – The Awakening

With the recent activity of the Solar Flares on April 25, the awakening energies are seemingly being shielded by the magnetic forces and much of the energies that people will be feeling will be in a sense an illusion for their energy so to speak and not the awakening energy that is originally supposed to be felt.

There isn’t anything to do at this particular stage, the person should just let it pass naturally and the new energy will be felt.

To refresh the  break down the phases as the way they are coming across to me, I’m not sure if others will agree with the breakdown so here are the Phase 1 through 4 with their tentative inception dates:

To elaborate more on this illusion before the lifting of this shield, much of the energy felt within this shielding of the vibration of the solar flares and earth’s field is that much of what will be felt will be very deceptive.  One can think of this particular effect as someone who suffers from sinus blockage, and you became unclear, stuffy, and just miserable.  Since everything has its time, this is the time energy of the earth as well as our energy bodies to shift with the earth.  Once this shield lifts new energy will be arriving.  For those who have not prepared or have refused to change,  the transitioning to this new awareness will not be pleasant.  Much of a person’s thoughts and actions will be in an infinite loop.

What to expect

We should experience gradual and comfortable shifts of awareness.  This will be the ideal time to tap into the collective.  As a result, this will be your ideal setup for the remaining two shifts which will be the last two big shifts(the 4th being the strongest).

This new awakening period will occur automatically, and therefore no other actions will be necessary for terms of meditation, and chakra focus will be necessary. There will be some minor preparation for the last two phases, however.

As far as the shield, this will be lifted in the next few weeks.  Phase 2 to the transition to Phase 3 will be one of the longer shifts, so enjoy the ride.

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always…DREAM LUCID

References: Malik, T(2014)Sun Unleashes Major Solar Flare

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