The Bridge Part 2

This section, regardless if it’s in a dream or an article, the read/interpret aspect is still my favorite perhaps because it’s the one that fascinates me the most.  This particular part of the Ultra-collective is just awesome!  Since I’ve had my ability sensing energy has always been the most startling, however the most rewarding.  It has taken me many years to understand this part of my dream skill and for a good reason, it is the most important part.  To manage and execute energy is fairly simple.  It wasn’t until my early to mid-’20s is when things started to come into play.

At this particular time, I had just entered the Military, the date I boarded my ship was September 11, 2001.  I wasn’t sure what to make of this particular situation though I did know that the environment I was entering was very negative.  At this point, like that of a ship’s defenses, I shut down everything.  The reason for this was, as an energy sensitive as I was, the amount of energy was more than I could handle and would do more harm than good for me.  I did, however, since some positive energy, so I drew upon that source.  It wasn’t as strong as mine. It was adequate for what I needed for the time I was in.  Though my energy was in stand-by,  I did have the capability of gaining knowledge.   Some may say the military helped me grow, and my response to that would be, “So would any other environment you place yourself in.”  It’s all a matter of what you draw upon from that situation, which is how you grow spiritually.

After my 4 1/2 years in the military, I decided to keep my energy down for a while until things started becoming stable.  I waited about five years before kick-starting everything back up. This was around 2010. Why five years?… It just felt right to me.  Booting everything back up took a while as one could imagine.  With energy for me, it was in cycles as I picked up many things during this period.  After I was back to my usual stages and I felt different as I had the feeling of withdrawals as soon as these stabilized. It took a while until I started dreaming again.  Fast forward to 2013 and my flu.

Sunday midnight, my transition.  This stage of my flu was the worst.  Saturday afternoon, I slept for 8 hours, ate dinner and slept for on and off for another 8 to 10 hours.  Sunday at midnight, I entered into a big energy ball and I saw myself crawling through a labyrinth.  It was at this point where I could feel my heart rate feel as if I was running.  Unlike other flu symptoms I’ve experienced, this felt different.  As I continued through my labyrinth, I experienced an energy jump.  I had just had one the previous few months; this latest one was, I think, was my final and largest jump.  As I was experiencing this jump, I felt my energy expand and felt stronger,  thicker though much lighter compared to my other energy levels.

I have still to learn about this particular level.  I do realize that unlike my previous levels, this particular energy is based on movement (much like those light switches as someone enters the lights turn on then off) this particular level works on the same concepts.  I think rather than “on” and “off,” it works based on “positive” and “negative” energy on my particular aspect. 1(Positive) is bright or 0(Negative) is dim.

The UC aspect of this will be awesome!  I sense great potential within this level.

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