Transitions – Part 1

I realize it has been a while since my last post.  Things have happened, rather they have been slowly forming.  For the past few weeks, I have felt my energy rising.  I have noticed many shifts in both consciousness and energy.  One of the most distinguishing characteristics was just the desire to meditate more, however, in the environment, I am in, it is too contaminated. Though I would be able to filter most of the negativity from the environment, the ability to not being disturbed is a whole other factor. With this length of mediation,  I was told about a person called “Buddha Boy,” whose real name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon.  Though this article is dated August 7, 2013, this was Ram’s ten-month mark.  Though the article mentioned that they did not know the update of the Buddha Boy, he did complete his goal of 6 years, which the video will be posted shortly.  Ram completed his goal of 6 years of meditation on May 17, 2011.

On May 20th, 2011, he spoke of his experience.  During his experience, Ram gained perspective.  In his speech, he mentioned that when he went without food and water and as a result,  his body had adjusted to his state of consciousness, and his body began to draw from nature itself. He had also mentioned that with a raised awareness, he notices everything he experienced was one.  Lastly, he brought up the eight moral rules which occurred at the 14:10 through the 15:20 mark of the Maitreya reference.

The eight morals are listed below.

Eight Morals:

“1. Humans should not discriminate against humans according to religion, caste, race or gender

  1. Not to disregard religions saying: this religion is big, that religion is small
  2. Not to accept philosophies or policies that are filled with discrimination
    4. It is said by a country, “This country is an enemy, this country is a friend.” They should not think thus nor should they behave with discrimination
  3. Such evil practices as making truth into lies, and lies into the truth should be renounced; exaggeration, blaming and belittling should be avoided
  4. Never commit the ten negative actions or any other signs.
  5. To practice morals, the meditational state(samadhi) and wisdom, dedicating one’s own life in the service of the country.
  6. To achieve the highest enlightenment and to get liberation for the sake of oneself and others” (1, 2, 3).  

Much of what Ram was doing has been the beginning of what I had the desire to do. Though in my journey, I might have taken this course, though, in a different form.  In his speech:, one of his experiences he had mentioned was his birth. For me, I experienced what he had experienced pre-Out-of-Body / Near Death, which would be when I was in my early teens.  This would be due to how I was raised.

Though Ram’s experience is different compared to many due to his environment, and teachings, much of what we experience within our OBE/NDEs are reflective of our upbringing or social interactions, even for those who claim atheism much of the transitions will reflect these characteristics.

Will you notice the changes?   Changes will be subtle; however with all changes, they are based on small adjustments(decisions) that a person makes.  Until a person is highly in tune with their surroundings, will they notice large shifts in energy?

How many attributes of the eight morals would you need to notice changes? From my experiences based on the 8, the first three would be the most manageable considering those are conscious based(i.e., We decide to incorporate them into our lives). The remaining morals will take time.  As people can apply the main 3, all remaining morals would be adhered to.

It is important to note; this does not discount the teaching of the Catholic church of

  1. Love thy God with all your heart, mind, and soul


  1. Love thy neighbor.

Both the eight morals listed from the 2011 speech and those of teaching of the scriptures are true.  It’s all about LOVE and Acceptance.

This is the end of part 1.

Transition Part 2

As Always

Dream Big, Dream Often but always DREAM LUCID


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