Shift in Time

What a year of energy for me in 2013.  With every shift, there is growth no matter how big or small the situation

Is.  The energy shifts that occurred for me in 2012-2013 time was one of the best and the most powerful.  The energy has been very relaxing and during the shifts, everything is merging to a more natural state of being.  Along with growth into a natural state, the energy body and physical body finds it’s a state of homeostasis.  Some may only have certain state of being either physical growth(physical is more of a reference to a state of being such as one’s ability to let go of the ego) or spiritual growth(not religious, rather one’s ability to tune into one’s energy body and try to first being aware of the energy then eventually having the ability to manage energy).  

This is something that cannot be taught; rather, it is one of those experiences which an energy body must go through. The most difficult situation is when physical and spiritual growth happens simultaneously or a situation is close to tandem to each other.  This is mainly due to the differences in how each body reacts to different scenarios.  As we’ve visited the phases in Transition Phase- Part 2, it’s similar to the adolescent phases where everything is mixed up and nothing goes right.  Though we struggle with various issues in the physical body, we can choose or not choose what we accept or deny.

We are not as fortunate within the physical and spiritual growth processes. I think this is because during the merge there are incompatibilities within each body and each decision we make within the energy space has been influenced, it is not a matter of “if” something occurs, rather, “when” it will occur.  Also, we tend to “force” the process and this does not make the situation any better.

So let us step back a little to answer some questions.

Who does this happen to? It happens to everyone

How often does it happen? Because energy is always in constant movement, this occurs all the time.

Who can notice these shifts? Most people should be able to feel some changes if they let their minds relax and focus on their breath.

How strong will the shifts be, and how often will they occur?  The strength of the shift will be dependent on that person’s skill level.  If people are learning, it will be faint.  The feeling will be like putting your arm out of the window feeling the breeze.  As you gain more experience and skill, the strength of the shift will feel denser.  The feeling can be like when you swim to a feeling of wet cement.

In terms of the frequency, in the beginning, stages of what a person feels it will be fairly sporadic.  Eventually, the frequency will be more consistent and smooth.  For those who can feel the energy shifts at a more consistent rate, they should be able to make small regulations within their meditative state. 

What happens now? Regardless of where you are in your journey, keep your actions and thoughts in check.  Take time to take time to breathe.  As you become more comfortable, this will come more naturally and your ability to relax will be second nature.

With this knowledge, what can we do?  The question is not “what can we do,” rather, “how can we shape who we are?”   This can be viewed by some as displacing God.  It isn’t.  It adds to it.

Nothing within these entries of this post or blog will take away from what you do or what you believe.  People make that choice.  It is called Free Will.  Readers of this blog or any material that is read, the reader chooses to give up the freedom of their thoughts.

I will end with this statement that brings the point of the “when rather than if” statement…Life is like running towards a brick wall.  It is not if we are about to hit it but when.” I’m sure there can be a training statement as well (i.e., two trains are leaving the stations. 😉 ) This is how my view,  along with many others before me, see decision making.

There are three scenarios that this brick wall scenario has:

The 1st Scenario:  You crash into the brick wall.

The 2nd Scenario:  You scale the brick wall

The 3rd Scenario: You build a door.

All answers except the 1st scenario are acceptable. 😉  There is, however, a mystical 4th Scenario 😉 I’ll let those who choose this last one…you are on your own. 😀

As always

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always DREAM LUCID

With the  article being posted on New Year’s Eve and if  interested, please check out the: New Year’s Meditation

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