Alzheimer’s and Dementia(AD)Energies

                                              Alzheimer’s and Dementia(AD) Energies

            On March 4th, 2020, I started to work in a Memory Care facility. The facility assists people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia with their Activities of Daily Living(ADLs), and I started working at the facility as a  Caregiver. I’m not writing about Alzheimer’s or Dementia; specifically, however, it is the energy I felt from those I was helping from the condition and what the experience I had each night I returned home.

            In the short amount of time that I worked there (on March 7th, 2020), the vibrations felt were in various pulse rates compared to continual vibrations.   This condition is the ugliest I’ve touched on an energy level. Those who have the Alzheimer’s condition on the energy level the best way I can describe it is if you are moving through tar every day, no matter how you move through it, it keeps a hold on you. On the Dementia end, this condition is similar to a parasite. The best example of this is in one of the Spiderman movies, where Peter Parker faces the symbiote.  As I was working with these residents, the vibrations given off seem to be manipulating the signals being relayed similar to a bat’s echo, where it is constantly pinging and giving false information.

What I felt and noticed each night

Each night after the workday, there was a very pungent smell, not that of urine or someone who has had voided their bowels rather like cauterized wound without the burning smell. The feeling is that of the tar with the that of the parasite characteristics. This energy gums everything up. A few nights after clearing the energies each night, it is very tough to clear, and it binds to everything and seems to block the chakras. With me, the ones that affected the most were chakras 3-6th on me. As the night went on, it affected me physically in that my physical body overheated and had awful night sweats, none of which I’ve experienced before. What I felt from this experience was that this deceptive vibrational energy metastasizes at a rapid rate. The experience for me was only for the times I worked and cleared as much of the energy as I could during dream time. For these residences that experience this every day and their families who see their loved ones who go through this hopefully, other caregivers, med techs, and the staff as they hold space for the family it will help.

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