Phase 4 -The Awakening Self

From this date of April 27, 2015, phases and shifts are no longer valid or should no longer be validated. All energies now and future energies will be those of experiences.   Phase and shifts only hold perceptive awareness, and for the time of these experiences had to be defined as such. As these experiences develop so will the self.  So what makes this definition different? 

Consider the following:


  • We have experienced much of these terms in our daily lives, people say, “You are going through a phase, which could mean growth phase such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, &t… which passes as time passes.
  • Shifts, we most notably recognize this in our daily lives, relating to work or parenting duties, among other aspects of life, shifts get very tiring as we progress through such things.
  • Lastly, with the aspects of shifts/phases, one must seemingly need to be in the present and for an energy body, we are always present.


  • Can you recall the moment that you did a particular activity?   The aspect of the activity being performed, whether it was new or not, is irrelevant, just that you did it.   How did that feel?  Compare this to the previous statement of the Shifts and Phases paragraph, how relevant were the characteristics of experiences compared to the bullet points?  I hope in your mind you said none at all. For those who did feel certain characteristics from the previous topic, not too worry,  this is still normal. 🙂
  • What about the perceptions of success and failure within society and the validation that is held within this position?< We all fall into this pit of despair.  As we experience a life we fall into its Structure.
  • Memories, what can you recall regarding the memories you’ve had and having?

What does this have to The Awakening Self?  Everything!  As these experiences take hold of us, as the energy cleanses the world around us for those who have an unwillingness to change, meditate on the aspects of some of the bullet points of experiences.  As the wave continues and change occurs so do the things around us.  The world is always in a state of change; energy is always in a state of change; we are all in a state of change.

Let us use our breath to form the world we desire,  radiate energy so powerful, and so luminescence that we may see the Earth illuminated with our being.

Enjoy the energy cleanse, and all that will be experienced.

As usual

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always Dream Lucid