2013-Thoughts; 2014- Transitions

Welcome to the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014!  It has been a great journey this year.  There had been many joys, disappointments, successes and failures in the past year.

We learned from them regardless of how our reactions to these situations are.  Let us progress through these feelings set them aside in 2013, keeping in mind what these thoughts have brought us.  Have they been positive?  Have they been negative in our minds?  What did we feel when these thoughts passed in our minds?  Were we happy?  Were we Sad?  Did these thoughts bring us peace or heartache?

For me, I learned about photography, from how to improve my current photos through composition and settings, to diving into High Dynamic Range(HDR) and light painting photography.  In addition started a Photography blog, which I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting: https://photospotpete.wordpress.com/ though it is all about learning new things.

The remaining year in 2013 was meeting great people and seeing the start of the success of  Revolution Training(http://revolutiontrainingsystem.com/)  owners  Mike and Matt Peltz (It all started with a dream).  I’m sure they will have many successes, milestones, and challenges along the way.  With the challenges, they will no doubt overcome.

With the end of the positive statement above, let us take a moment in our breath and imagine what 2014 will bring so for those who so choose,

Breath deeply for a few breaths, notice what you are feeling at the time of this post, is your mind in a fog?  Do you hear whooshing?–That does not matter, nor is it important.  As soon as you have refocused, take three long deep breaths, each lasting a few seconds longer.  As you take that first breath, think of all the negative things that happened for the year.  Let it sink in, though don’t let it take hold of you.  As soon as you’ve felt the feeling, in your second breath, think of all the positives of the year, like the first breath you did,  let the positive sink in, though don’t let it take hold of you.  How do you feel compared to the first breath?  Note these two breaths together. What do you feel, what do you see, hear, and taste?  Spend a few extra breaths here.  This is your moment for the year do you like where you are at, do you like what you have become?  As soon as you come to the edge of the feeling of the combined 1st and 2nd breaths, this final breath is the most important.  Spend as much time as you want here.  This is a brand new canvas.  Breaths 1 and 2 no longer exist.  When are you ready? What does your 2014 year look like?   What picture would you like to paint for the year?  What energy would you like to spend more time on?  What energy would you like to spend less time on?

This is your canvas for the year. Make it count.  The energy that you place here is very powerful.  The intentions you place makes a ripple in the collective.  Though situations such as relationships, your job, and these aspects are important, it is not what defines who you are.  Relationships can be broken; jobs can be lost. Listen to your heartbeat, on this last breath.

As you approach this last breath, your heartbeat may seem like it is in a fog, or it might be clear.  Your breath is the lighthouse that has been guiding you all this time.  Take the time to listen.  Many emotions will be pouring out during this time.   You may laugh; you may cry; you may smile.   Accept these feelings. These are all the things that will paint your canvas for the year.

Welcome to  2013 2014 –THE YEAR OF TRANSITION.

Dream Big, Dream Often…but always, DREAM LUCID.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013!

It seems like the world has not come to an End!

May all your dreams and heart’s desires come to fruition this year.

Make all your dreams a reality and your reality your livelihood.

Dream big and dream often


Mayan End of the world prediction?


It seems the world will be ending today, so I hope this post will go through.  😛

With all the biblical talk of the end of the world, I’ll be taking a different approach to the whole Mayan calendar aspect.

Though it is not a dream I’ve had, it is, however, I’ve had a feeling in an energy shift since I’ve first noticed my experiences.  I have talked to a friend regarding this, and regardless if this accounts for validation or not, it’s something that has been crossing my mind.

The end of the world prediction or energy shift my friend and I have discussed from that of the Masculine to the Feminine energy.  This person has mentioned to me the rebellion that the Nun’s have had against the Pope regarding some situation, other signs that may or may not be of validation.  In sports, during the Olympics, there seems to have been more female teams that have won compared to the men teams.  Other aspects seems to be showing up is the perception of more feminine movements such as attachment parenting, where women are now taking a stand regarding the right to breastfeed.  This had not been an issue in the past; rather, this has not been so heavily covered(no pun intended) why now?

So what other characteristics are coming to play?  I have a prediction regarding the future U.S. census.  My prediction is from 2012-? To the next energy shift(whenever that may be)much like the baby boomer era of 1946,  In this period, there will be more female births; in addition, more females will take over the male positions.  Also, look at the kid’s sports now.  Scoring is not done because we will hurt the feelings of children and we have to protect them and everyone gets a trophy for participating.

Life is full of disappointments and sports condition kids to accept the realities of it.  This is what makes children grow and mature, and yet we as a society are taking that away from them.  For those who read this, no, I do not have children, which makes me all the better to comment regarding this because it allows for a clearer point of view because of the clouded mindset we as a people develop as we get into a certain position in life.  In psychology, if I remember correctly is called cognitive dissonance.  Perhaps the end of the world isn’t what we expect it to be nor the form it will take and it occurs in brief moments.

Some may consider this cynical others may not.  People will believe what they will because they are a product of their environment.  It’s a fight of nature v. nurture. I won’t change the minds of those here and it is not meant to.  It’s just a different P.O.V from that of religion.

This post is neither positive nor negative.  It is simply a post and a viewpoint. The aspect of what is positive and negative is a subjective matter that people add value to.  Which I’m sure people will say, how I can not put a value on something or even if I’m indifferent to something. I will not answer that not because I can’t or won’t, it’s just not important.  There are enough restraints as it is, and limiting yourself to what is positive or negative is absurd.

We bombard ourselves with all sorts of crap we buy into all this stuff for what?


With this being my first blog, it’s always good with a nice introduction. 🙂  My name is Peter, and I’ve been interested in dreams since I was 5.  I’ve read various books on the subjects of Astral Projection, Out of Body experiences, and Near-Death Experiences. In middle school,  “Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud and I have to say that it’s an all-time favorite and one of the few books I’d read the second time around.  The next book on dreams enjoyed was,  “Memory, Dreams, and Reflections” by C.G. Jung as well as “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.”

At the age of 5, I’ve had the uncanny ability to remember a good portion of my dreams, and  I  can recall them like it occurred that night.  As my interest grew,  so did my abilities.  I was having about 3 to 4 dreams a night that I could recall(though not so much now) approximately 5 per month. From the age of 8 to 15, this was my spiritual growth for me.  I had just learned how to have an out-of-body experience(OBE).  It took me this length of time to not only understand but also control these experiences.  At this particular stage of the growth process, I was experiencing roughly 12 OBEs a month.

Things were coming around at this point and the feelings I had regarding my abilities progressing were great.  At this developmental stage was the most fun for me.  From the age of 15 to 18 years of age, I had a unique ability to interpret dreams.  When I interpreted dreams, I bought a dream dictionary to reference various symbols in dreams reference that particular dream to the dreamer’s dream as well as compare them to the interpretations I had come up with.  I later came to realize,  the interpretations I had done were more accurate than those of the initial definitions of the dream dictionary.  At the end of this stage, I interpreted approximately 550+ dreams.

So, what is this all about?

It’s about some good ol’ dreamin’ fun 😀 that I’d like to share my thoughts on and possibly get some discussions going on.  I am currently building a page on dreams, and it will benefits of dreams, some of my personal dreams I’ve had as well as some writings I’ve done in addition to sharing dream resources.

How often will I post?

For now, once a week on whatever day moves me.

See you guys on the other side 😉

Dream big dreams