Phase 3 -Renewal of the Body

With the Christmas and New Years approaching, there have been many shifts along the way and the transitions of bodies. In this second to the last phase of the “New Awareness,” things have been changing very quickly. Don’t let the subtle energies fool you for these energies is like that of baptism; they are subtle yet powerful. For this phase and the following, many changes will be happening.

What should we do to prepare? The purpose behind this third phase is self-reflection; one cannot renew one’s self without looking back, so mediation is key compared to the last phase of the awakening of the new self, which will be covered in later detail as the New Year progresses. There is no set time frame (i.e., a number of years to reflect upon since all things are connected).

Novices: to those who are just entering this phase focus on your breath, for those who are just studying, you should start to realize just how important your breath is since it regulates all things around and in you. Focus on a breath pattern and start to choose what you would like to reflect upon. Such aspects can be that of the mind and the waviness of how the thoughts are going through; others could range from the heart feeling that of blockage to the root chakra feeling the tense focus on these area(s) individually then move on.

Advanced: Engage in the energy fields that you feel, interact and read the coded messages. Within these codes, it allows one to find their specific meaning within this third phase and your energy body will be programmed to account for the fourth phase.

Experts: Have fun with this phase. With energies shifting more than ever, your thoughts are more powerful and will harness its energy phases within the current phase and future phases to come. Bring awareness to these types of thoughts for future phases, just because people have this ability, does not make them “experts” you are just advanced novices 😉 do not let this phase take advantage of you, for this phase, the fourth phase and future phases will be less forgiving.

What to expect: During the time of the third and fourth phases, there will be some slight changes within the energy spectrum and each of these changes will affect people in different ways. For those who are aware of their thoughts, be mindful of the energies that are being transmitted from these thoughts as well as the actions and the intent behind them.

These last two phases are going to be an awesome experience!

See everyone on the other side

As Always

Dream Big, Dream often…but always…DREAM LUCID