Dreams are the key. Meditation is the road you take to find the key. Mediation was a difficult step for me.  My mind was very crowded and the ability to have a quiet mind was very nerve-racking, to say the least.  It wasn’t until I saw a video on yoga that helped me learn how to relax.  It was then I realized how important breath was during the movements.

As I began practicing meditation, I incorporated them into my dream life, and my mind began to clear and my perception and awareness began to increase.  It was at this point I started to bring everything into play.  I would use the combination of mediation and lucid dreaming. Now the fun would begin. 😀

Before we get to the fun stuff,  I had my first out of body experience (OBE) that had some substance when I was 15.

This was that experience:
It was 10 P.M., and as I was lying in my bed, I saw a bright light overhead.  This light engulfed my whole room.  As this light got brighter, I saw myself levitate.  As I left my body,   the light grew larger in the distance and became the shape of a nautilus.  I felt the energy from this source and it was very peaceful.  My spirit entered and there was brief darkness.  I felt very safe in the darkness and when I arrived on the other side,  there was an indistinct voice.  As I walked with this person, I saw my life review from birth to death in what I would describe as a t.v. Like clouds.  In each event,  I felt how the actions affect the person that was targeted.  I woke up after.

It was this experience that started me on my journey and opened up my mind to the various possibilities as well as the abilities I’d be developing in later years.   During this growth period, much like a child, one must have food.  Food in this particular situation is knowledge.  I read as many books as I could on the subject of lucid dreaming, near-death experiences, books on psychology, and philosophy.  Meditation at this stage was equivalent to sleep.  I was struggling a little with meditating, and my experience lasted a few minutes at a time.  As I progressed through my meditation stages, I started to lose track of time and went until I felt relaxed, keeping focused on my heartbeat and of course, my breath.  I would do this a few times a day in a quiet room (much like people taking a nap). When I was comfortable with my meditation sessions, lucid dreaming was incorporated (Currently, I can relax as needed). At this point in my journey, I was in my late teens and I had just got into skydiving.  So for one of my first training sessions of lucid dreaming, I would train myself to skydive, reviewing everything my instructor had told me. — The point of this particular exercise isn’t so much to improve on a particular skill, though it will when the timing is there, rather it prepares your mind and body to perform.

Before anything happens physically, one must be able to visualize the event before doing the activity.  Through lucid dreaming and meditation, this takes it to another step.  You can condition your body to do what you want it to do that you would not normally have it to do in the waking state. This is a mental activity to improve your lucidity.  The results are the effects of this particular state. Somethings I’ve used lucid dreaming on but not limited to:


Learning how to handle a particular situation where it would normally give stress


Kettlebell training

and lastly,


the list can be endless.

We now have the key(dreams) the road(mediation) how about the door?

This has got to be the coolest part yet! (Well, I think it’s cool 🙂 what a popping some bubble wrap 😀 )

The people around you! 😀 this may or may not be obvious to some people.  We as a people I think our true nature is to help where it got lost I can’t answer…however I can tell you it’s somewhere between life, religion, society and other aspects that have corrupted the human psyche. Those around us gives us the opportunities to succeed.  Have we reached these doors at the correct time?  Have we reached them too quickly or possibly too slowly?  Are these doors for us or others?

Once we open the door are we:






These are all normal and should be embraced.  This is who we are.  , I was all these things the majority of my experience and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  It wasn’t until I embraced these factors that growth happens and awareness starts to enter. There is a big relief when you can let these things go.  We all can’t be Atlus and hold the world on our shoulders. Frankly, it’s tiring.  Yes, we all feel these things if it’s in waking or in slumber it happens so the best way to do it is to….go into the dream and face them.

And now for those waiting for the answers to the questions in the other paragraph…… 🙂

Dream big,  dream often but always DREAM LUCID

Underlying Dream Messages

Underlying Dream Messages are unique.  I’ve only had a few and these are different compared to reoccurring dreams. These types of dreams have a very specific purpose.  These types of dreams are specific to the dreamer. This could be a message from a loved one that has passed (much like those who have experienced an NDE or an OBE during a life review)or a particular entity that is like a messenger.  One can differentiate this particular type of dream compared to a regular dream in that this type of dream is specific in that it is like having a conversation with a person.  One particular way you can tell this is not an OBE is due to a lack of control of your environment and your spirit body.  Like the OBE, however, one can step back into the experience.  This type of experience will also take some time to develop in terms of knowing what’s a message and what is considered a dream state.

I haven’t had much of these types of dreams since most of mine happen in the waking state; however, in my beginning stages, I did have one experience.

I had this experience when I was 15 years old. It started in a dark passage and I had a group of people with me climbing up some stairs.  There was just enough light for me to make out these stairs.  Those around me had armbands that had the letters “MP.”  As I continued, I reached a point where the group left me.  To me, this was most likely the top of the stairs.  I walked down the hallway, and many doors present, and people were yelling out.  I ignored this and reached the end of the hallway and there was a door.    Before I was even able to attempt to turn the doorknob, I entered the room.  Everything was still dark and I began to levitate off the floor.  I sensed a presence though I was not scared.  It knew that sensed it’s presence and it gave me this message, “You have changed the life of that which you should not have changed.”  I spoke back to this entity, by saying, “I do not know of anyone that I have had this effect on.”  This entity responded and ended with, “Next time I see you, you will be two.” After this occurred, I was outside the door.

Piecing this together, this particular dream is different than a recurring dream or even that of a lucid dream, though it does have the properties of each.  This particular type of dream is ongoing in that each particular aspect can happen at different periods.  As much fun as it would be to dissect this dream, I decided to keep the fun by not knowing.  A few important notations are:

The Stairs

The Hallway

The people

The hallway


The Doors(these would be the doors you open, not the band 😉 )

We can assume the aspect of this dream is a house of some sort and a house is representative of the self.  The other aspects of this particular home listed are the transitions that we encounter throughout our lives or parts of our lives, which we have or have not experienced.

As I mentioned, I won’t dissect this dream as fun as it would be for me to do. The mystery is sometimes the fun of life.  The point of not knowing can be the greatest challenge of knowing.

The Bridge Part 2

This section, regardless if it’s in a dream or an article, the read/interpret aspect is still my favorite perhaps because it’s the one that fascinates me the most.  This particular part of the Ultra-collective is just awesome!  Since I’ve had my ability sensing energy has always been the most startling, however the most rewarding.  It has taken me many years to understand this part of my dream skill and for a good reason, it is the most important part.  To manage and execute energy is fairly simple.  It wasn’t until my early to mid-’20s is when things started to come into play.

At this particular time, I had just entered the Military, the date I boarded my ship was September 11, 2001.  I wasn’t sure what to make of this particular situation though I did know that the environment I was entering was very negative.  At this point, like that of a ship’s defenses, I shut down everything.  The reason for this was, as an energy sensitive as I was, the amount of energy was more than I could handle and would do more harm than good for me.  I did, however, since some positive energy, so I drew upon that source.  It wasn’t as strong as mine. It was adequate for what I needed for the time I was in.  Though my energy was in stand-by,  I did have the capability of gaining knowledge.   Some may say the military helped me grow, and my response to that would be, “So would any other environment you place yourself in.”  It’s all a matter of what you draw upon from that situation, which is how you grow spiritually.

After my 4 1/2 years in the military, I decided to keep my energy down for a while until things started becoming stable.  I waited about five years before kick-starting everything back up. This was around 2010. Why five years?… It just felt right to me.  Booting everything back up took a while as one could imagine.  With energy for me, it was in cycles as I picked up many things during this period.  After I was back to my usual stages and I felt different as I had the feeling of withdrawals as soon as these stabilized. It took a while until I started dreaming again.  Fast forward to 2013 and my flu.

Sunday midnight, my transition.  This stage of my flu was the worst.  Saturday afternoon, I slept for 8 hours, ate dinner and slept for on and off for another 8 to 10 hours.  Sunday at midnight, I entered into a big energy ball and I saw myself crawling through a labyrinth.  It was at this point where I could feel my heart rate feel as if I was running.  Unlike other flu symptoms I’ve experienced, this felt different.  As I continued through my labyrinth, I experienced an energy jump.  I had just had one the previous few months; this latest one was, I think, was my final and largest jump.  As I was experiencing this jump, I felt my energy expand and felt stronger,  thicker though much lighter compared to my other energy levels.

I have still to learn about this particular level.  I do realize that unlike my previous levels, this particular energy is based on movement (much like those light switches as someone enters the lights turn on then off) this particular level works on the same concepts.  I think rather than “on” and “off,” it works based on “positive” and “negative” energy on my particular aspect. 1(Positive) is bright or 0(Negative) is dim.

The UC aspect of this will be awesome!  I sense great potential within this level.

Back to Bridge Part 1

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The Bridge Part 1

I had a very interesting experience over the weekend.  I was sick last week with the flu from Saturday to Sunday morning.    I had a nice energy jump during this time.  This occurrence occurred on Sunday at midnight on the 6th.  I’m not sure if it was due to the flu; however, what I felt during this period was not from any flu I’ve felt.  The best way I can describe this feeling is if you could take ALL of your experiences from both of a Lucid dream and an Out of body experience or Near Death Experience and combined them into one experience, this would be it.  This was very intense, and the amount of energy it took for me to stay in control remotely was very difficult. In this particular stage, once I was able to gain control was unbelievable.

At this state, I could keep both conscious thought and a collective unconscious thought at the same time.  So, I hope to coin a term below as:

Ultra-Collective Unconscious( Ultra-Collective or UC for short).  As I was experiencing this, the best way I could describe it is the combination of subjects of Psychology, Metaphysics, and working with energy.  The psychology plays into part because it deals with the ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO, metaphysics because of everything functions as one entity and energy because in this section one can, manage, read/interpret (will be covered in The Bridge Part 2), and execute energy.

With regards to the psychology aspect of the UC, the ID plays the most important part because it is the most simplistic and most carnal, this will be derived as the engine.  SUPEREGO will function as the UC’s guidance system.  Within the UC aspect, this particular aspect of the UC is the management aspect.  Lastly, the EGO is UC’s ability to execute.  In human nature, our ID is our sexual nature, our survival, our Superego, how we see how society regulates our actions, and lastly, our Ego is all that balances everything.  What if it was possible to tap into these three aspects within our dream and waking lives?  During the time of my sickness, I believe I have found a bridge from the Conscious to the Collective Unconscious.  To touch base on part 2 of reading/interpretation, I would like to make a definition of Metastanding, much like Metaphysics, which is the branch of philosophy, that deals with ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology(1).

Metastanding, I’d like to say that it is more of having the ability to understand the thought of understanding beyond how one can interpret language, linguistics, rather diving deeper of how 3

a: the meaning or relationship of meanings of a sign or set of signs, especially: connotative meaning (2) of the dream world, which I’ll describe my experience more in part 2 on Thursday.

Finally, the last part, execution(Ego), since the ego is the balance of the person, this particular part of the UC executes the experience.

The management and execution of the UC and how it works:

When I experience what I define as the bridge, the transition between this period was very intense.  As I was going through this stage, it had not seemed all that many people have reached this level, rather not many have succeeded.  Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this was like the combination of a Lucid Dream and Out of body experience, all combined into one.  I could feel my heart rate increase in this stage.  I do not feel as if I was asleep since I felt conscious and at the same time, unconscious as well as being able to notice my REM stage.  After this experience, it felt rather invigorating as well as heightened senses.  In prior stages, I’ve experiences where one felt only that particular consciousness, the UC, as I’ve experienced encompasses all levels in addition to becoming more aware of the energy around you.  For those who are experiencer (i.e., those of the OBE and NDEs) this is equivalent to a remote viewing with one exception, much like a lucid dream, where you are aware of dreaming, in this particular case it is much like a 3rd person point of view or a 4th person view where the remote viewer can see the object(s) the 4th can see everything that which the viewer is viewing.

The management of this particular stage is very challenging, more challenging than that of the collective if one is to dive into the collective.  The UC is much more unstable if one is to try to tap into this particular scene.  The execution of the UC has to be managed very closely since energy moves and changes very quickly.  One must be very certain of the intent as the outcome can be immediate.  All energy can be both positive and negative, and at this stage of the game, everything you draw upon is magnified, so though you may find that your intentions are true if any doubt sets in, what your project is a mirror effect.  Though one can use mediation to manage stress or even have a positive out, look if people’s intentions are pure the outcome will not be what is expected and that begins with a pure heart (or as close to a pure heart you can achieve) this above within the UC is what processes things.   In my previous post of L.O.V.E. keeping these aspects at heart is a start.

Now, time to put a {in progress} sign up and complete the final half of this bridge.

The Bridge Part 2


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Reoccurring Dreams and Deja Vu

This is the 3rd installment of the Serenity section, Reoccurring dreams. These are the most fun types of dreams and can be rather interesting.  As covered in the V.M.S. post reoccurring dreams usually send an important message to the dreamer.  It is in this situation once we are honed into our abilities, we can then better understand what messages are being presented to us. Was that dream of that car significant in any way? Or I had a dream of a particular person do I have feelings for this person or is this person a representation of something?  This is where part 2, L.O.V.E., comes into play.  There is a 3rd option to the L.O.V.E. bodily functions didn’t fit within the scenario though it does fit within this section…and that is an archetype symbol.  In regards to the second type of dream questions that can be asked are: “What does this person represent to me,” “How does society or people view this person” or “Is this person vital to understanding the aspects of how I approach life.”  Though there can be many more examples regarding these circumstances.

The 1st and 3rd points can possess similar character traits though they are slightly different.

In the 1st, this goes past, “I hate this guy because he’s a total jerk” or “He’s annoying.”  this is more along the line of this would be how I approach various circumstances.  The 3rd is more along the line of matters of importance.  Is this characteristic important in how I implement this attribute within my life?

Reoccurring dreams I’ve had was in my early teens, where a situation presented itself as a relationship.  This was most of the teen years.   This could mean that I should be wary of relationships or if I am in a relationship to follow my heart.  Regardless of the situations or how many times a heart can be broken,  like your sleep rhythms, your heart and everything has one too.  On a non-dream related term, there is a book regarding decoding of the heart and it is called “The Heart’s Code” by Paul Pearsall.  This book is research done on something called “cellular memory.”  In this book it explains the situation of a transplant patent.  For example,  Donor A died and has strange cravings for sardines.  The recipient receives that organ and now has a craving for sardines.  Also, the age of the recipient plays a factor as well.  This is a great book to read.  Though it does not directly relate to dreams, much of the circumstances and outcomes are very much related to how dreams function and how people have the abilities that they do.

Deja Vu – the sensation that you’ve done something before

    Deja Vu – the sensation that you’ve done something before

Oh, where was I?  Ah, yes, Deja Vu experiences. 🙂

These experiences can be quite rewarding or disturbing.  For me, this is more of a self-check making sure I’m on the right path.  The first time I’ve had these experiences I was a bit freaked out and not sure how to react to them.  However, as I got used to recognizing these characteristics, I smile or take note of the situation and if the same instance occurs, you know how to react to them.  This can be viewed as learning from your mistakes by it repeating, Deja Vu is very specific and there’s a very fine line between lessons previously learned from mistakes and this is one of those situations where a dreamer must distinguish for themselves on what is Deja Vu and what isn’t.

Deja Vu experiences for me will vary from time to time, depending on the situation.  It might occur to me five days from now or later on in life.  I have gotten to the point where I recognize this type of experience before them occurring.  This is a very interesting feeling and it’s rather fun to play with.  If in your dream journey you’ve reached this point, have fun.  You’ll know what to do and how to handle the situation.  If you’re able to recognize it though you’re still in the beginning stages, go back to your breathing exercises and concentrate on the experience, yes, I’m not joking.  Doing this will help.  What this essentially does is help you with the development of the subconsciousness to the unconscious.  Be mindful during this transition; it happens very quickly.  The easiest and most stable transitions are from the conscious to the subconsciousness.  Once you get into the Unconscious and Collective side of things,  changes occur quickly and can, at times, become seamless.  In these last two stages, it can present itself as the lower two and can give a dreamer a false sense of understanding.  I’ve been caught in a few and it’s an eye-opener.

So close this final chapter in celebration of the start of 2013, work on becoming better, take time to relax, and ALWAYS

Dream Big, Dream Often but always DREAM LUCID



This topic was rather spontaneous.  I had this in my mind a few hours ago after waking.  My original posting was going to be on Reoccurring dreams and Deja Vu, which will also be covered, so for the New Year, it will be a 2 for one and will be part 2 and 3 of the Serenity section. So this bonus post will be on LOVE dreams.  These are interesting to say the least.  These types of dreams are fairly similar to sex dreams. With this exception, love dreams are usually that of desires of the heart compared to sex dreams where they are more along the line of passion.  I’ve had both types of dreams through my journey at various ages.  Some subjects of gender-specific dreams do they matter?  The answer is no they don’t.  I’ve had both types of dreams and both types of gender dreams.

With this post, I decided to make L.O.V.E. an acronym for:





So what does this mean?  We all build walls when it comes to relationships, and I am no exception.  What this means is to keep your heart open.  Our hearts should not be so filled with so much negativity that we cannot love.  In my previous post of Vision, Memory, and Serenity, I described four attributes of awareness:

  1. Conscious
  2. Subconscious
  3. Unconscious
  4. Collective Unconscious

Where does LOVE fall?


Why is this?  Love is its awareness.  It cannot be ordered around, forced upon.  Rather this love is managed.  The best way I can describe this is by bodily functions.  I could have made food references but these two are more fun. 🙂 So the two bodily functions, the two aspects are:

  • A burp
  • A hiccup

Let’s cover the hiccups.


We all know hiccups come suddenly, and it’s due to trapped air.  Love is very similar in this regard in that sometimes it comes unknowingly a no matter how much water we drink or try to scare the person(control the situation), it does what it does and you have to let it subside and take its course.  Love is much the same way sometimes we have the hiccups, and regardless of what we do, it just keeps coming.  This is neither a good thing or a bad thing. It happens some more than others but none the less it happens.  Depending on the circumstances, you go with it or take matters into your own and stop it, which, as we know, tends to make things worse.  Examples of such hiccups are a crush, love at first sight, infatuations, &t and the like. We attempt to stop this situation by forcing ourselves into a situation rather than letting it subside.


A Burp

These can be rather fun, and we all know when we do such things we laugh.  This I think, is the purest type of love.  Burps are fun. They make us laugh, smile and break the silence at times.  Examples of these are: You are with someone and notice how beautiful they looked when nothing was there to begin with.  Or As you talk to them, you notice that certain beautiful smile and their eyes light up. Or a very subtle situation where their energy captures you and no matter how much you fight draws you in.

I’ve had a hiccup that looked like a burp and recently a hybrid hiccup/burp I’ll call a backup 😛

This is the first time I’ve had such a situation.  I rarely have hiccups, mainly because I know what I want, and I’m very technical in everything.  The only relationship I had I described in one of my first posts was a pretty big hiccup and I was aware of it and tried to stop it. I was not successful.  This particular situation is the weirdest of feelings because I’ve had a very vivid experience on more than one occasion.  This experience I had was neither an Out of Body Experience (OBE) or Lucid Dream.    It was an experience that was very powerful and good(and yes, I can differentiate between good energy and bad energy in dreams and various experiences) and I’ve been searching for it ever since.  It’s a real-life Cinderella story based on energy.  Instead of finding a glass slipper that fits this beautiful woman, it’s matching the energy experience to a beautiful face.

To be continued in: Reoccurring Dreams and Deja Vu.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013!

It seems like the world has not come to an End!

May all your dreams and heart’s desires come to fruition this year.

Make all your dreams a reality and your reality your livelihood.

Dream big and dream often