Relationships, as referenced in the connections blog, is important. Within these relationships, the connections play a role in our unconscious. The connection and relationship attribute within dreams shows our subconscious.  Relationships are how we can relate to others, much like the synapse in the brain, those that wire together, fire together.  So within our dreams, how do our dreams play out is an important sign, not only with ourselves but with other characters regardless of who or what they represent.

Do we tend to make good connections with others, bad connections with others, or do we burn a lot of bridges?  Also, what effects do these actions on our dream life as it transfers to our waking life?
Let’s be upfront for a moment.  We are all human and there are people we like, do not like, and possibly not even tolerate. These will play in our dreams even if the intent is not there and I have had many dreams as described.  I have burned many bridges or rather attempted to burn many bridges.  Though this may seem bad, it’s a matter of perspective.  There are some situations where you have to cut your losses though that is not what I’ll be referencing to. The bridges are the ones that are good connections.  I decided to test this particular path during my learning stages.  Surprisingly or not, so surprisingly it didn’t end well(go figure).  So what happened?  Bad things We burn bridges in the physical world,  people get mad and stressed and the person who burnt that bridge also people lose trust from the person who got burnt.  Burn bridges in a dream; it’s not very noticeable unless you know what to look for. However, the effects are much worse.  Not only do you get the feeling of the physical you it also affects you and the person, everything starts being toxic.  This is much like someone who has held anger, resentment, and frustration in a long period, the way it affects you is slow.  Within the dream stages, however,  it occurs quickly. We’re not talking year, months, or weeks.  I found that it happens in a few days(though this may vary).

How do we deal?  Easy, the same way we got into it through dreams.  People might say. How?
The person who angered us is part of who we are.  As we continue through our dream journey, we can set the intention for the anger.  We pick a symbol that we can relate to, like the final step in the relaxation where you choose an object in dream symbols that will serve the same purpose.  As we set this intention within this object, in this case,  anger, we place the symbol or object at a particular place in our dream.  Before doing any actions, feel this symbol and what it means to you besides the anger.  If you can perform this type of relaxation at this stage,  you should already be conditioned to focus on your breath.  When you notice this symbol or object,  take in everything this symbol is, what it does, what it isn’t doing, what it is and what it’s not.  This subset of the relaxation exercise is another exercise in its own right and will like all practices to take time.  As we take control of this dream, we take control of the symbol. We don’t destroy it; we contain it (yes, I’ve destroyed symbols/objects within my dreams as well, which is fun 🙂 ). By containing the symbol, we are programming, rather reprogramming our unconscious minds to take a different route.  Unfortunately, the effects of this particular method aren’t as quick as the initial act.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets injured then it’s more paperwork 😉

How do we maintain? Awareness.

How do we retain? Practice

This is the less sexy of the entries.  Let’s face it. Relationships are boring and mundane.  I’ve had lots of boring dreams though I guess that is also a matter of perception. 😉

Sexy or not(here I come) ha ha ha 🙂 and there it goes. 🙁  um, relationships are part of everything and everything has its connections.

So ends this post

As always

Dream big, dream often but always DREAM LUCID


Connections,  regardless if it friends, family, acquaintances, are an important part of everyday interactions.  It is what allows us to relate.  Dreams are no exception.  The connections that relate to dreams are vital because the relation is between the Unconscious and who we are.  For people who have read Freud’s book “Interpretation of Dreams,” he relates much of what we experience to the previous day’s activities.  Through my dreaming journey, much of what I sought after wasn’t representative in that the activities, though on occasion they have been, no.  It wasn’t until I started making dream interpretations I started to see connections.

At 15, due to my OBE that had placed me in an interesting scenario, which was that I knew more about myself at the age of 15, then most people have their entire lives.  Though this does sound far fetched, it wasn’t until after the roughly 500 dreams that I had interpreted which guided these people to some form of understanding, regardless of accuracy, that these connections were a vital part of who we are.  It was at this point where I felt certain attributes of life piecing itself together.  At times I could see these pieces, like an infinite puzzle and at this point, I saw Jung’s idea of how society is, the Collective Unconscious.  To me, this was remarkable.  The ability for this type of connection, this type of experience at a young age.  It was until a few years later in my late teens to early ’20s when I was starting to relate to this particular form.  Not a single person can so call “master” this type of connection, and to do so, one must have the limitless ability and unbelievable control and in a human body, this is impossible.  It must be a system.

The possibility of these connections to be manageable is to have them connected.  In computer networking, a setup called a mesh network is a type of setup that is one of the most difficult to the multiple device connections. However, it is the most secure due to its redundancy.  Relating this to the subject of connections for this subject,  a book entitled, “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. was recommended at the time of this posting and to drive the point regarding mesh networking outside of the computer field, “Chapter 23: The Search For Truth” lists the following results due to Kinesiologcial testing:

  • One individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200
  • One individual at level 600 counterbalances 10 million individual below level 200
  • One individual at  level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individual below 200
  • One individual at  level 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below 200
  • One individual at  level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individual below 200
  • Twelve individuals at level 700 equal one avatar at 1,000 (1).

These are some staggering numbers and shows how much connections play a part in our lives and how each person can contribute if they know it or not.  Also, can you imagine the energy produced?  For me, these connections are a natural movement.  The book that I referenced was due to a friend who read “The Bridge” post and emailed me the information about the author and book.  It was through that particular connection that leads to this particular post.

The journey for me is just getting started, and the dreams and experiences that I’ve been through will no doubt lead to some amazing things and people.  We are all connected, physically, spiritually, and by dreams through a network of energy.

This is only the beginning.

Dream big, dream often but always DREAM LUCID


  1. Hawkins, D. R. MD. , Ph.D.(2012)Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determination of Human Behavior, Sedona, Arizona: Hay House p. 286