Phase 4 – Preparations for New Awareness

During this last phase, the shift much of the preparation will be done within the sleep cycles of the REM stages. As we had seen from the beginning stages of Phase 1, our starting point had been developed from the main source of the self (or body) as we progressed through ourselves we began ascending towards newer enlightenment.

For those who have been on this journey with light, the transitions will become less challenging, though these phases are rarely an easy path; each energy body will have their challenges.

Those holding on to non-light transitions such as religion and material positions and viewing them strictly as a base compared to building based on a foundation strategy where these can view as tools rather than the end will have a greater challenge to face.

The preparation of this phase, as mentioned, will be during the sleep stages. This would be the ideal time to increase your dream awareness and goals based on the heart’s code and goals as synchronized with your energy body.

Enjoy the upcoming shift in the next few months.

As always

Dream Big…Dream Often…but always…DREAM LUCID