Mayan End of the world prediction?


It seems the world will be ending today, so I hope this post will go through.  😛

With all the biblical talk of the end of the world, I’ll be taking a different approach to the whole Mayan calendar aspect.

Though it is not a dream I’ve had, it is, however, I’ve had a feeling in an energy shift since I’ve first noticed my experiences.  I have talked to a friend regarding this, and regardless if this accounts for validation or not, it’s something that has been crossing my mind.

The end of the world prediction or energy shift my friend and I have discussed from that of the Masculine to the Feminine energy.  This person has mentioned to me the rebellion that the Nun’s have had against the Pope regarding some situation, other signs that may or may not be of validation.  In sports, during the Olympics, there seems to have been more female teams that have won compared to the men teams.  Other aspects seems to be showing up is the perception of more feminine movements such as attachment parenting, where women are now taking a stand regarding the right to breastfeed.  This had not been an issue in the past; rather, this has not been so heavily covered(no pun intended) why now?

So what other characteristics are coming to play?  I have a prediction regarding the future U.S. census.  My prediction is from 2012-? To the next energy shift(whenever that may be)much like the baby boomer era of 1946,  In this period, there will be more female births; in addition, more females will take over the male positions.  Also, look at the kid’s sports now.  Scoring is not done because we will hurt the feelings of children and we have to protect them and everyone gets a trophy for participating.

Life is full of disappointments and sports condition kids to accept the realities of it.  This is what makes children grow and mature, and yet we as a society are taking that away from them.  For those who read this, no, I do not have children, which makes me all the better to comment regarding this because it allows for a clearer point of view because of the clouded mindset we as a people develop as we get into a certain position in life.  In psychology, if I remember correctly is called cognitive dissonance.  Perhaps the end of the world isn’t what we expect it to be nor the form it will take and it occurs in brief moments.

Some may consider this cynical others may not.  People will believe what they will because they are a product of their environment.  It’s a fight of nature v. nurture. I won’t change the minds of those here and it is not meant to.  It’s just a different P.O.V from that of religion.

This post is neither positive nor negative.  It is simply a post and a viewpoint. The aspect of what is positive and negative is a subjective matter that people add value to.  Which I’m sure people will say, how I can not put a value on something or even if I’m indifferent to something. I will not answer that not because I can’t or won’t, it’s just not important.  There are enough restraints as it is, and limiting yourself to what is positive or negative is absurd.

We bombard ourselves with all sorts of crap we buy into all this stuff for what?

Falling/Floating Dreams

Falling and floating dreams are some of the most fun dream experiences one can have. A dreamer can learn much during these experiences.  In regards to falling dreams, these can teach you how to handle stress and overcome your fears of various limitations that you encounter.  This could range from a fear of failure of the school to as deep as relationship issues that may be due to some insecurities within the self and/or not having the ability to let go.  There have been rumors regarding death and falling in dreams.  I’ve had many falling dreams in my dream journey and relation to death; there is some truth to this rumor.  Why?  In the experiences within the dream world for me, death is a symbolism of that particular situation coming to an end.  Have you had an experience where you have gotten yourself so stressed that you have made yourself sick?  The way we think can make our bodies turn toxic and make us very ill. Concerning falling and dying in dreams, with the experiences I’ve had this has been the death of the stresses we face and once we are in our dream state that part of ourselves does happen to die and we may or may not grow from them(which will be covered later in this post).

How about Floating dreams? Floating dreams are very peaceful.   I had my first one when I was five years old.  In this particular dream, I was in a supermarket in the fruit section.  As I was hovering over the produce, I was able to pick up the fruit.  I then began throwing them at people.  I found this to be very entertaining. I want to backtrack a little.  The dream I had when I was five the I’m interpreting occurred when I was in my early teens.  In addition to remembering dreams, I also could step back into a dream, and more than likely, I can do a proverbial time stamp….now back to our regularly scheduled program.

   I had a transition to another dream from here, which I will describe later at this point in my dream experience. I had none.  So what had I learned from this particular dream? I’m a free spirit and I love to have fun.  Also, I am a kid at heart. Pretty simple.

Where does that place us from here?…. Floating dreams are a great way of feeling a sense of freedom; we associate this feeling with love and peaceful feeling.  This is also a great time to be recharged from our daily stresses.  When we’re floating, WE ARE ONE with all things.  This is also our most vulnerable state.  The transition dream I had from the supermarket dream was to the hospital.  The transition for some might distinguish injury or sickness.  In my situation, it was that of being born.  During this point, it was being born into something great.  The energy which I felt here was just awesome.

Now the core of this post

As the falling and floating dreams progress, we are always in a state of healing. This goes with our nature as a spiritual being.  Much like our cuts on our physical body, it takes time to heal the way it works in the dream world is no different. However, healing may take longer. If we have a heavy heart or don’t let things go as our dream state progresses, much like negative thoughts, build toxins within our physical body, a heavy heart and not letting go poisons our spirit.  It is through this toxicity in our spiritual lives that causes us to fall even when things are going well.  The negativity is a magnet, and those around are the positive charges since it pulls (forces these aspects towards us which we cannot be released).  I’ve felt these as well as seen them in people.  These people are in an infinite loop.  Some might ask, “So, how do those who are positive attract objects?”  You can think of the positive as one of those bug zappers without the zap…so the situation.  As we progress through our lives with the constant falling and floating state, we learn from our experiences.  As we gain more positive energy, all objects around us are slowly drawn in (unlike the magnet of the negative) for those who can feel, sense or see, notice it is much softer and it does not have strong of a force pulling it in like it’s a counter part.  This energy source is what allows us to learn and grow within ourselves.  The purer the energy the greater the knowledge base which we can obtain and the less pure the lesser the knowledge base.  This is not to say that we all don’t draw or even release negative energy, which we do. Our physical body runs on O2.  As we inhale our lungs, take in O2, and as we exhale, we release CO2.  Our spirit body does the same. However, our spirit body runs on energy so it takes in positive and releases negative energy.  If that negative is not released, it starts to affect our physical being, so the bridge between our physical and spiritual bodies is through the dreams we have and Freud was correct in mentioning that our dreams are part of the previous day’s events.

The falling and floating dreams at the level I am at, even at a young age has affected me physically.  I have had a few falling dreams that have been so powerful that it woke me out of REM sleep.  I have had floating dreams just as powerful that the feeling lasted for a few days.  Some say that I am on drugs, but those who know me can tell you I don’t take drugs, and I may occasionally drink alcohol, but not enough to say that I drink.  Alcohol does have a rather subtle effect in the dream world.  Alcohol has the same effect in the dream world as it does when someone has insomnia, with this minor difference. Alcohol, at least for me in the dream state, has prolonged the experience compared to insomnia, where the dreamer experiences in stages.  The amount of alcohol in this particular situation is irreverent.  Just as long as you have alcohol in your system, it will affect your dream state, regardless if it is a lucid dream or an out of body experience.  There are some lessons you can take from these experiences, which is why dreams have fascinated me for as long as they have.

Though I do not advise the abuse of alcohol, one should seek help if you suffer from this disease through your local AA or other substance abuse facility and being in a constant state of the twilight state within the sleep cycle can open up many possibilities that one could not open up without the proper environmental awareness development.  The dreamer can, within this altered state, have a heightened awareness. However, one should be cautious since this is a false sense of ability and in most cases, have a difficult time achieving this state.  It’s equivalent to those taking performance-enhancing drugs to where they cannot perform at where they were at.

In closing, falling and floating dreams are a great way of various experiences and learn from them.  I know I’ve learned many things from my dreams, and I continue to learn from them under a clear mind though I’ve had some interesting experiences the moments of the not so clear mind.  I DO NOT take any drugs since drugs, and I have a mutual dislike for one another.  We give each other bad side effects 😛 Regardless if you’re sending out positive or negative energy, a dreamer can always learn from their experiences.

Dream big and dream often.

Vision, Memory, Serenity

Today’s subject matter has brought much interest to me about dreams.  This thought goes along the line of C.G. Jung’s book, Memory, Dreams; Reflections is where it has inspired me.  Freud’s book, “Interpretation of Dreams,” was great, however, Memory, Dreams, Reflections for me brought it into play in my dream life.  So how do vision, memory, and serenity come into play in the dream world?  Vision, as simple as it is, is the basis of all things in the dream world. has defined vision as the act or power of seeing with the eyes; sight or within the dream state: an experience which a personage, thing or event appears vividly or creditably to the mind; How about memory? Memory is This faculty as possessed by a particular individual; The mental capacity or faculty, of retaining facts, events, impressions.  Lastly, serenity. The definition of serenity: The state or quality of being serene, calm or tranquil(1, 2, 3)
in this week’s blog, I will be diving more into aspects of my introduction, which should be an interesting journey. 🙂  So here we go…


In my introduction, I have mentioned that I have had the uncanny ability to remember dreams since the age of 5 and I could recall them.  One of my dream recollections was at the age of 5.  I was in a supermarket in the produce aisle and I was levitating over the fruit section.  In this particular situation, I was picking up fruit and throwing the fruit at people.  It was entertaining to me.  As my dream journey developed,  I began to have greater development in my ability.  At the age of 16, I saw my first relationship develop(though I won’t go through all the details of this instance) from the time it began to the time it ended.  Other instances were certain situations ranging from meeting certain people to have the ability to sense various situations that those close to me were experiencing.  The prediction of my first relationship is as simple as it got.  I’ve had a variety of dreams ranging from falling dreams to sexual dreams.  These types of visions may or may not hold to their form.  Drawing on Freud’s thoughts of dreams are experiences from the previous days can be true since, through dreaming, we allow for the decompression of that day.  I remember the moment I had an interest in dreams.  It was in middle school I was in the library and saw a book on sleep.  As I was reading a book(I don’t remember the title), this analogy stuck out to me.  The book mentioned that we are carrying a backpack and each day represents a brick.  So, how do sleep and dreaming come into play?…. Well, for each day, we do not get enough sleep. Those bricks build and our bag gets heavier and heavier.  What sleep and dreaming allow us to do is each night we remove a given amount of bricks.  For me, it brings up a point regarding insomnia as well as Restless leg syndrome(RLS).   So what are these and how do they affect one’s dream and vision?  Insomnia is a condition defined by night time and daytime symptoms. Nighttime symptoms include persistent difficulties falling and / or staying asleep and / or non-restorative sleep that one in 10 people suffer from them and Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder and those who have the condition those who have this have experienced A strong urge to move the legs, which may be irresistible. Uncomfortable sensations in the legs. Words used to describe these sensations include: painful, creeping, itching, pulling, creepy-crawly, tugging, or gnawing.  In the RLS group, 3% are affected by this disorder (4, 5).

I am not familiar with RLS. However, I have had bouts of insomnia.  In regards to insomnia and dreams and OBEs, the experience my experience was rather sparse, meaning certain situations within that dream state or OBE had affected the duration of how the dreamer or the person of that particular experience can interact.  I think this is due to the dreamer being in a constant twilight state so consciousness is skewed, and that person is unable to focus or they have not entered the full REM stage of sleep.  For an OBEer in the waking state because of the fatigue of the brain, it is more of a challenge to gain such experience.  How does this affect a person’s vision when it comes to dreams?…. In my early 20’s when I was working at a local shop and for some reason one day I was unable to sleep for three days and I was very sluggish.  On one of the days of my insomnia, I had a dream regarding a female(non-sexual) and we were on a beach playing in the waves and writing something in the sand which I could not read and then I woke up.  This went throughout the night, much like you would experience with a skipped CD or DVD.  Second and third days, my dream was rather hazy for me and all I could make out was a silhouette of the situation, and nothing much from them a few years later, the outcome of the dream did come to existence.


Memory within the dream and OBE states are interesting.  Memory has increased for me during a lucid dream and/or an OBE state.  I cannot explain the outcome.  The only thing that I can say through my experience is all of your senses are heightened.   I will cover my various experiences in the serenity section of this blog, now back to memory.  For those just experiencing or working towards a lucid dream and OBE, give it time to develop.  Recollection will come in time. One of the most challenging aspects of my dreams was remembering events.  I’m not one who writes things down and with my varied interests in subject matters, I’ve had friends surprised and/or amazed at the information that I can retain, yet when it comes to simple matters, I have a difficult time recalling.  For example, the information taught when I was going through my Physical Therapy Technician course when it came to the Anatomy and Physiology course which was tough.  In addition to studying, I used the five steps in the “Benefits of Dreaming” on my page to remember those sections for that day, Relax, Dream with Purpose, Being present in your dream, Questioning your dream, and listening to your dream.

So, how did I use these steps and go into lucidity?

  1. Relax – I kept this one simple for my Anatomy and Physiology(A&P) course. I imagined an energy ball above my head(a.k.a. the 7th crown chakra) and as I inhaled, I felt the energy relaxing me.  As I exhale, imagined the ball increase to the next spot, which is the third eye(this is 6 of 7 of the chakras from the top) that energies your body.  For this exercise, I’m just using a neutral source.  I would repeat this method until it engulfs the entire body to the ground(a.k.a. 1st chakra – Earth chakra).  From the remaining points of the third eye is as follows:


  1. Heart
  2. Solar Plexus(abs)


2 Sex chakra.

Spend a few moments at each of these points until you feel relaxed.  It will take some time to get the feeling of this technique.  What you should feel is a sense of lightness. One could spend 30 seconds one could spend 1 hour; this will vary from person to person.  Like stretching a muscle, some areas will take longer.  This could be because of the everyday stresses we gather throughout the day or longer the years we spend being stressed.  In this situation, breath into the given areas until you feel as relaxed as you can.  When I first did this, I could feel my mind racing and I could feel the stresses that had gathered through my body.  At first, this startled me.  The feeling you feel is normal think of it as detox.  People detox when they go through AA, though most don’t detox the spirit.  I struggled through this for a good while.  This is neither good nor bad; this is a feeling that you should be aware of.  I’ve fought this feeling for many years and it drained me both physically and spiritually.  Eventually, when I arrived at a calm state, I was able to manage these stresses.  Each level will vary and this will teach you patience.  For those who wanted to learn patience, this is a good exercise. Once this is mastered you can do it on the fly.  For those just learning, do it in a quiet place either when you nap or sleep.  Just a little F.Y.I. : A nap is 45 minutes or less and sleep is anything over this time.

  1. Dream with purpose – I went into my dream each night, learning what I wanted to learn, for example, the skull.  This did a few things. It allowed for that energy to be present.  When the time is right, things will start falling into place.  You could have someone who happens to be available to help you with your situation.  Everything could go wrong in your day; however, that one situation works out as planned.  You can call it God’s timing, luck, &t. Accept it and keep your awareness up as well.  However, don’t get too cocky in this state.  I’ve had many situations backfire on me because of this so stay within yourself.
  2. Be presentThis experience is like any other experience.  For me, my dreams are just as real as my waking state.  Remember….your brain cannot differentiate between a dream state and waking state. If you have to remind yourself that you’re dreaming, do so.  This is just like any other classroom though it’s literally on your time so be in the here and now.  In my situation, with my A&P dream, I interacted with my dream as I would normally in my waking state.
  3. Question your dreamsThis can coincide with #2: Dream with purpose though it does not have to. This is where you can ask your dream anything. I asked my dream the best way to remember.  Your answers will not come to you like a normal answer, which is why the final step is important.
  4. Listen to your dreams – Your answers can come to you in any form. It can be something your friend says or does.  It could be a t.v. Show you are watching.  My answers continually come to me.  The day I completed my Physical Therapy Tech(PTT) course, these shows came up: House, Bones, and Monk(which I still watch).

These are the things that your dreams manifest.  There’s always going to be those who doubt.  People have various awareness, and within those who are aware of each person’s lives in each of these planes of understanding: Conscious,  Subconscious, Unconscious, and Collective Unconscious.  So, who is in these planes?

The way this will be explained is not defined as consciousness as related to the physical that “this person does not know.”  The way it is listed in the form of awareness Collective being the highest level.  Those who live in the Conscious are everyday people, both religious and non-religious people who are just there.  Subconscious – These are those who are aware of various aspects of life, such people such as religious practices, all therapists, and those who study psychology and philosophy.  Unconscious – These are those who can release themselves from that of religious practices and/or therapist practices however, can draw upon the practices.  Those who live in this state are such people such as Shaolin monks, Qi Gong masters and/or masters of the martial arts, or those who have trained themselves to reach these levels.  Lastly, the Collective Unconscious- This step encompasses all that the Unconscious in addition to knowing and having the ability to transition to each level.  This will be different from person to person and each will reach their own time.  However, this last transition is very difficult to reach because it is the most unstable of all awareness, and due to the unstable aspect of this level, it can camouflage itself with the characteristics of the previous 3.  Those that have reached these levels are Jesus, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Gandhi, and the like.  If you call these states total enlightenment or not, the characteristics which they possess are by knowing how, where, and when to bring light to situations that will bring us to the last aspect of lucid dream and OBEs.

 Serenity –
This is one of my favorite aspects of dreaming and OBEs.  This stage is also the most humbling and where you’ll find the most growth in your journey.  Secondly, this will be the shortest of the three sections.  With all experiences, I have had many good and bad experiences regarding dreams and I’m not talking about nightmares.  Depending on where you are in your understanding staying peaceful and having a pure heart is the most important.  Though it is nearly impossible, one can always try and this goes beyond people saying, “All I have to do is be a good person.”  It goes beyond this mindset.  Even good deeds would not prove a pure heart.  So how do you get there?…. Now the fun. You’ll have to find it. 😉

I had a little fun on December 5, 2012.  I was running some errands on this day, and on my way home, I was feeling a bit rushed and as I took my exit, there was a car in front of me with the license BSERENE…like I mentioned humbling.  Call it coincidence or not I just smiled, relaxed and took a few deep breaths and just drove on.





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Lucid Dreaming v. Out of Body Experience

I want to take the time to take a different approach to this week’s post.  I want to cover the differences between lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. Both  Lucid dreaming and out of body experiences have similar characteristics when it comes to experience.  For example, those who can dream lucidly as well as have an out of body experiences(OBEs) one can control their dream environment, meaning, if I am having a dream about a situation about a relationship or even something as simple as solving an issue one has, the dreamer can interact with that dreamscape.   Other similar aspects to these two are one’s awareness of various types of thought.  In both lucid dreams and an OBE, these types of methods the dreamer (Lucid dreaming) or the experiencer(OBE) has the capability of awareness of thought.  The factors listed are where these two end.

The differences:

Lucid dreaming is a dreamer’s ability to remember one’s dream, and all people have the ability to experience a lucid dream and with practice, one can achieve lucidity.  Lucid dreaming is a great tool to use when one feels stressed and is a great way to relax.  Some important factors regarding this dreaming, as opposed to dreaming and forgetting, are dreaming with purpose.  Before sleeping, the dreamer can remind him or herself that they will remember their dreams.  In WikiHow, they have given some examples such as:

  • Keep a dream journal
  • Learn the best time to have a lucid dream. -According to WikiHow, Lucid dreaming is associated with REM sleep, and REM sleep is more abundant just before the final waking.  Also, dreams run 60 minute cycles so the best time to remember a dream is during one of these cycles
  • Try marking an “A”(which stands for Awake) on your palm each time you notice an “A” in your waking hour’s challenge if you are awake or asleep (1).

When I first learned how to lucid dream, I started with yoga.  I bought a yoga VHS tape and learned some yoga postures and breathing techniques.  From there, I progressed to learning how to make an astral projection. At the time, I bought a book called “How to Astral Project” by Denning and Phillips – Astral Projection will be covered later on in the post.  It was through this book and many others I learned how to become aware of my dreams.  WikiHow suggests inscribing an “A” on your palm.  The method I describe is an advanced method that I used when I learned.  Once you are in your dream state and you are having a conversation, I like to use trigger words such as if someone says, “Hey,  Peter, have you seen that object that we discussed earlier?”  In this conversation, the most meaning for me would either be “object” or “discussed,” and if I hear those terms, I question if I’m awake or asleep.

One dreamer had this experience:

{Came home from practice and fell asleep. I was in such a deep sleep that I fell asleep in my dreams and was dreaming. Then I woke in my dream and started doing stuff around the house only to realize it was a dream too when C. woke me up. 🙁 Too bad I didn’t do my homework in my dream and have it be finished when I woke up cause that would have been awesome.}

This particular dreamer has the potential of having a great lucid dreaming experience.  The characteristics of awareness are all there. The knowledge of knowing the acts that was performed on multiple levels is a good characteristic of dream lucidity.  Though this person had described being aware after waking, with the proper practice and guidance, the achievement of lucidity or even an OBE is plausible.  The methods used on WikiHow of the “A” on the palm would be a good jumping-off point.  Eventually, once experience sets in, the use of things around the home could be used as triggers for future lucid abilities.

Methods that I’ve used for my lucid dreaming training are looking at a distant object, for example,  a certain brick on a brick wall(or some inanimate object).  I’ll displace some energy in that object, either positive or negative(the type isn’t important as so much as it just brings awareness). This method, if one is not highly aware, can add stress physically.  I have not seen any studies on this; however, there are some instances within an out of body experience where a person has been affected physically.  This has been my experience when it has come to achieving lucidity.   As a dreamer, you can make it as simple or as complex as you like.  For me and my experiences, this was how I was most comfortable with achieving lucidity.

Out of Body Experience(OBE)

Out of Body Experience or OBEs is a person’s ability to leave their body at will, hence, “out of body experience.”  This term can also be defined as Astral Projection.  Throughout this post, I will be using the term OBE and Astral Projection concurrently.  There is a similar experience related to OBEs called a “Near Death Experience” or NDE, which will not be covered here.  The main difference between an OBE and NDE is that an NDE, one must be declared deceased.  For resources on near-death books, “Embraced by the Light” by Betty J. Eadie is a great read as well as Dannion Brinkley‘s book, “Saved By The Light.”  A  must-read for those interested in NDEs is Raymond A. Moody‘s “Life After Life.”  He was the first person who coined the term “Near Death Experience,” and this was during the mid-1970s during his NDE studies.  So, back to the Out of body experience and what it’s all about.

So, as we recall, an OBE is a person’s ability to leave their body.   From my perspective, this is a step up from lucid dreaming mainly because of the person’s ability to actively control their experience(s) at any time compared to that of lucid dreaming where one dreams and knows that they are dreaming.  In the book “Astral Projection” by Denning and Phillips, these authors have described the body of having a silver cord extending from the belly to the projected body.  How does one draw upon this? Like most experiences, we start as babies and explore things. Leaving the body is no different.  The initial experience is surreal and does take some getting used to.   While in this state, look around and experience the feeling.

The initial experience won’t belong in duration(at least mine wasn’t).  As time progresses within your astral journey, you’ll start developing a certain awareness of your surroundings.  The progression of the astral body as compared to the physical body, the astral learns more quickly.  If you practice only once or twice a week the experience will increase.  For me,  it took about a month to get used to the feeling.  From this point on everything is all about learning.     The best I can describe is that of skydiving.  When you jump out of an airplane, you have this falling feeling, and first-time jumpers need to have coached to control and maintain their body positions. This does not mean that once you have your astral experience that you’ll be able to jump out of an airplane 😉

Like a first-time skydiver, the first time in your astral body, you’ll need to know the same principles of control.  Once control is established the experiencer can then can have their own “Choose your own Adventure” experience, which is more fulfilling than the Adventure books. 🙂  At this point of your OBE, one should treat everything as you are learning everything for the first time.  Keeping this mindset has enabled me to do some of the following:

  1. Gain more insight
  2. Patience -We all need it regardless of age.
  3. Have more fun
  4. Acceptance – this goes along with #1 in that we start to see what limitations we have.
  5. Understanding – Unless you’re ready to accept this part of learning, all I can say that this is the most challenging, and not everyone will be able to grasp this type of concept.
  6. Increased perception
  7. Strength

There are more though these are the ones that stick out to me the most.  An Out of body experience is a great way of having fun and enjoy everything around you and in your journey many things will come to pass and greater experiences will shape the environment around you.



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