Phase 1 Shift -Beginnings

The 1st of 4 energy shifts is initiating.  For those in tune, you should have felt the start of Phase 1 on February 1st.  The actual beginning levels of the shift(s) should be felt around the last two weeks of February to the beginning of March.  This shift will be the lightest of energies.

Though I have not read the book “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, from those who I’ve talked to described the series as the rapture where people mysteriously vanished. Those who vanished were believers of God.  Also, for religious believers who say they are waiting for God to appear through various signs, they are missing the boat.  Another book I’d like to reference is one  I recently read.  The book called “Love Without End: Jesus Speaks…”  by Glenda Green.  In this book, Jesus came to Glenda between the dates of November 23, 1991, and March 12, 1992(p.3), and one of the things Jesus described was something called “The Adamantine Particles” as the book described as the God particle.

In Phase 1, although the authors of the “Left Behind” series described people vanishing, I would like to take a different approach.  In my view, though the authors are correct in terms of vanishings, the approach is more along the line of consciousness rather than a physical being.  With “The Adamantine Particles,” as described by Ms. Green, this is the first sign.  As stated in Chapter 12: Jesus on Science, Jesus stated these words to Glenda, “Truth on the other hand, is the breadth and depth of consciousness which transcends reality and distills it into simple understanding!  It is the truth which sets you free from the limiting aspects of external dependencies and conditions(p.282)

Stepping back to Chapter 4: The Adamantine Particles, Glenda asked Jesus about the understanding of these particles.  Jesus’ response to her was

“Adamantine particles are commanded by love-only by love.  Understanding them and conscious utilization of them belonging to a higher paradigm.  Thieves do have their way from time to time.  However, the greater law of ownership always prevails. That law states that ownership belongs to love, to responsible custody, and the utilization of power for the good of all” (p.121).

Things are changing in this world; the earth is going through its phase as described in previous entries as growing pains.  This Phase 1 shift, in my mind, is the beginning of new consciousness, and those who are not prepared will be in a stage I’ll coin as, “The illusion of the Ego.”

With all the stages  it would be helpful to break down the phases as the way they are coming across to me, here are the Phase 1 through 4 with their tentative inception dates that will be in the menu:

I won’t go into details; these phases will arrive at their prescribed time frame.

With this first stage, some things that can be expected for those high level and low-level energy people.

Starting with the

Low spectrum(Energy sub 200)

  • Energy will feel like a vacuum 
  • The ability to sustain shift(s): Difficult
  •  Negative energy thoughts will be mostly at the center
  • Though positive thoughts may be present due to the saturation of negative energy via Ego, simple situations will be difficult to manage and greater energy must be exerted. 

High spectrum(Energy 700+)

  • Energy will feel like a cool breeze
  • The ability to sustain shift(s): Manageable
  • Positive thoughts will be mostly at the center
  • Though negative thoughts may be present, the positive energies would equalize the negative thoughts.

The ability to manage the shifts regardless of level can still be a task.  No one shift is the same, nor will the same person of similar experience levels experience the same shift.  The effect of these shifts will be different as well.  The only difference between the lower frequency and higher frequency people are the strength.

If we compare the feeling to those attached to a T.E.N.S.  (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)unit(2), the low would be above the pins and needles feeling you get for having the device in a rather wide area, compared to the same pins and needles feeling, however, it is at a much smaller area and the frequency is at the correct vibration to those in the higher levels.

For me, I’ve felt a wide range of shifts from the vacuum during the time I was learning to the cool breeze feeling.  I’ve also felt the combination vacuum and breeze.  In these cases, it could be the transition from the middle frequency to the higher frequency levels.  Regardless of where you are in your journey, keep walking through, the destination is well worth it.

As always

Dream big, dream often but always…DREAM LUCID


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Heartwings Publishing, Texas is a TENS unit

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